10 Best Online Speed Test Websites


Everyone’s been curious to check how fast their internet broadband is. Here are a few sites to help:

[divider]Intel Speed Test[divider]

This Speed test was created by Intel mainly to target the gamers to check whether they would be able to play games online or not.



[divider]Bandwidth Place[divider]

A one-click utility that lets you check your upload and download speed.

Bandwidth Place


[divider]Airtel broadband[divider]

If you live in India, you’re well aware of Airtel. The tech giant has it’s own speed test website to help users check their broadband speeds and works with all ISPs in India.



[divider]McAfee Speed Test[divider]

The security giants have a website of their own to help users check their internet speed. On the good side, the test is really fast downloading a very small file. On the bad side, it doesn’t get the best results while doing so along with an unpleasant to say the least interface.

Afee Speed Test



This website not only boasts a nice interface but also more features than many. It lets you check number of connections per minute, download and upload speeds, ping etc.


[divider]Kify Internet Speed Test[divider]

This light website tests download speeds very fast and compares with other broadband services to give an idea of how good your broadband is making it one of a kind.

Internet Speed Test


[divider]Wire Speed Test[divider]

This website runs speed test as soon as you visit it without needing extra clicks, making it faster than many and one of a kind.

Wire Speed


[divider]CNET Bandwidth Checker[divider]

One of the most famous websites in the world, CNET, has it’s own speed checking website. This website is very fast and reliable making it a top hit.

CNET Bandwidth Checker



This website is a comprehensive way to measure and keep track of your broadband speed with multiple options and record keeping.




And to conclude, the most famous website to check internet speed. It holds one of the best interface and does exactly what it is supposed to with accuracy.

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