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10 Important Traits of a Web Designer


It is not enough for graphic and web designers to just have knowledge of the software that has to be used; they need to have skills which go beyond that. Technical skills are only the beginning and every employer considers them the most vital. However, one should always remember that to design an eye-catching and an absolutely amazing website, a web designer must possess a variety of skills.

This post is solely dedicated to making you aware of the 10 important traits of a web designer. Hence, if you are planning on hiring someone to help you design your very own website, this particular article will be great for you.

Those who are web designers already, you need not worry for this post has something to offer you as well. Go through this and check which of these qualities you have in yourself. Happy reading!

[divider]Research and Analytical Skills[divider]

The most important trait a web designer should possess is good research and analytical skills. They must be taken into consideration after technical skills.

Before a designer begins the process of designing a website, he has to carry out a lot of research and seek multiple perspectives. Their work would not produce the desired result until and unless they have done the appropriate researches: research on the clients’ company, research on the competitors’ websites, and research on the latest trends.

Analysing the situation and choosing what is best will result in the production of an extremely attractive website.


No creativity? You can never design awesome websites. I know that many of you out there will feel  very bad and some might even feel angry at me, but it is a fact and it is this way. You have got to accept it!

A designer will fail if he keeps designing all the websites in the same way. Each website must have something new and unique; something which makes it distinct from the rest of the websites. Also, it is not just the design that requires a creative mind, a web designer should be creative in his approach to the design process.

[divider]Passion for Work[divider]

Everybody has to have a deep passion for his/her work. It is this passion which will give rise to the excitement to work and, only then, will give you positive results.

Web designing is no different when it comes to this trait. Your passion and excitement will reflect in your work: fantastic websites. If you do not find your work interesting, this will affect your communication with developer and he/she might decide to hire somebody passionate.

[divider]Excellent Communication Skills[divider]

Nowadays, everyone makes use of the internet to communicate with others. Similarly, you might have to communicate with your web developer via electronic mail. What is of importance here is the fact that you have to have excellent communication skills so that you are able to convey your ideas in the most clearest manner. Misunderstandings are very common when people communicate in this way, but do not worry. Just write down everything VERY CLEARLY; do not use any difficult words. I am sure that by doing this, your communication with your developer will continue smoothly.

[divider]Well-versed in Web Technologies[divider]

It is a must that web designers should be well-versed in internet and web technologies. They should have perfect knowledge and should be proficient of the tools they will be using in  designing the website. Great web designers are well-versed in coding in HTML, developing graphics for the web, designing layouts in CSS, maintaining websites, and working with multimedia.

[divider]Taste for the Materials in Use[divider]

Web designers (by web designers I mean only the good ones) generally have a good taste for the materials that they use in designing. They have an eye for fabric, color, space, texture and other elements. They know it very well that there is a range of other things that they can bring in use and that they have to keep working with different things. THEY NEED TO BE CREATIVE.

[divider]Has Knowledge of HTML[divider]

Web designing is nothing without HTML. I hope that you now have a bit of an idea of the importance of learning to use HTML for a web designer. Let me clear it further.

HTML, primarily, gives you an understanding of how the web works and how you can turn your designs into something really effective. It is like an imperative to the web designers and the web developers. In short, HTML forms the basis of web designing.

[divider]Know-How of CSS[divider]

After HTML, CSS is considered the most important language for web designers in the list. The look of your design is actually dependent upon this very skill and, thus, can be referred to as the power of web design. If you know CSS, you would be able to design cutting edge websites where you will be able to make applications more interactive; and not just interactive, but you will be able to make them interact effectively.

[divider]Java Script and PHP[divider]

Let me begin with Java Script and then I will go on discussing, precisely of course, PHP.

To give you a literal definition, Java Script is amongst the first interactive elements of the website. Why do you need to be comfortable with using Java Script? The main reason being that if you understand how Java Script connects with your website, only then would you be able to extend your applications. However, this particular element is not vital for web designers; web developers MUST learn to use it.

PHP is a programming language and the most of all among other languages. We all know that learning language is important because programming a web page begins only then. Its importance, however, is greater for the developers than for the designers.

 [divider]Learn to be Flexible[divider]

Project demands may change at any time and at any stage. Hence, designers should have flexibility in themselves so as to have room for adjustments whenever required. Great designers should learn to adapt their design to any new situation.

The list of the important traits of a web designer can keep on going on and on. You can always add to this list, but the ones I mentioned seemed the most important to me. I hope this post helps you in the future. Have a great time designing webs!


Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.

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