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10 Important Twitter Management Tools


As important as it is to have a Twitter account for almost every firm in the world, keeping track of the trends and knowing the reaction to your own posts is also vital. Here are a few Twitter Management Tools that will help you do exactly that.

[divider]Sprout Social[divider]

Sprout Social

This tool is mainly used to schedule your posts and updates in case you won’t be available to post it at the given time. Another great thing about this tool is that it lets you sort the audience to your given posts with demographics giving details of genders, age, location.

[divider]Crowd Booster [divider]

Crowd Booster

This is a paid service with the premium starting at a minimum of $9. It’s sole purpose is to keep track of retweets and display the impact a specific post has on the users. This service furthers itself by sending a weekly email to the subscriber telling giving an overview of the week’s statistical performance.

[divider]Twitalyzer [divider]


This tool provides comprehensive statistics to benefit any individual or an organization. The statistics can be viewed depending on the time intervals. It also shows main interactions and the audience reach for the post.

[divider]Hootsuite [divider]


Most of the people who have used Twitter know about Hootsuite. It is one of the most popular clients of the social network. It supports 10 different social networks of which Twitter and even Facebook are a part. It allows you to view statistics of any given page or profile. It comes in two flavors, a free and a paid version with higher functionality.


[divider]Mention Map [divider]

Mention Map

This free tool lets you know the last interaction a user had on Twitter. It makes use of demographic maps to let you see the last hashtags you have used and the people you have interacted with.



This platform improves management and performance of Twitter accounts using different functions. The prominent ones are Mentions Assistant and Analysis of Tweets. Mentions Assistant performs searches using Twitter filters to locate users who would want to mention. Analysis of Tweets tells the impact of your tweets on Twitter in real time.

[divider]Tweet Binder [divider]

Tweet Binder

Tweet binder lets user create categories of hashtags to analyse tweets of the same kind. It works in real-time and gives detailed statistics. It comes in two flavors, free and a premium one for $19.99.

[divider]Twtrland [divider]


This is a basic tool used to get demographics for any given account. The demographics can be displayed in charts and figures and are classified by countries, age, gender, etc.

[divider]Shift [divider]


This tool can be used to analyse Facebook and Twitter in a single panel. User can find analysis of the linked accounts. This tool comes in two flavors, free and premium.

[divider]Postcron [divider]


This all-rounder analysis tool lets you manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn under the same platform. It lets you schedule posts and display demographics very easily. It comes in two flavors, free and premium. The premium flavor lets you enjoy up to 15 social accounts for only EUR 5.95 a month.

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