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10 Literary Facebook Pages You Definitely Should Like


Almost all of us know that Facebook is one of the largest online social networking service. It is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. However, it is more than just this.

Have you ever looked closely at the word ‘FaceBOOK’? Yes, it includes ‘book’ in it and, hence, IS a book. The question here arises: have you ever really used it as a book?

If you have not used it as a book as yet, then you should now because it is not called FaceBOOK for nothing! In this particular post, we will be sharing with you 10 literary Facebook pages you should like so that you can correctly use this website.


[divider]Book Week Scotland[divider]


The Scottish Book Trust started this Facebook page. It was of a very small kind and its success and popularity was just unpredicted. The name was given based on Scotland’s first national celebration of books and reading in which 350 fantastic events for ages were held all across the country.

One day, the Scottish Book Trust created this awesome ‘Who in Fiction Are You?’ quiz and, voila! This wicked test, which told the people what fictional character they were, gained a lot of fame and admiration and the page grew to be what it is today. (You can take this test on their page. It is still present there).

You must check out this page because you must be well-aware of how cool Scottish people are; there is loads of amazing stuff on this page which I am sure that you will definitely want to read.

[divider]Shelf Awareness[divider]

Shelf Awareness

Shelf Awareness is yet another wonderful Facebook page aimed at helping people make decisions about reading, buying, selling and lending books most wisely. Primarily, it is an American publishing company that is focused on bookselling, books and book reviews. In simple words, books are all that this page talks about.

All the bookworms out there, if you do not wish to miss news on any of the latest books then like this page now.

[divider]The Reading Room[divider]


Looking for your next best read? The Reading Room is a place for you then. It has millions of books waiting to be discovered by you. Check it out now and choose what you want to read or let The Reading Room recommend something for you. You can even just browse the bookshelves of friends or like-minded readers if you wish to have an idea of what others are reading.

Also, The Reading Room allows you to connect with like-minded people, share your books, get trusted recommendations and read reviews. Mark my words: it is a lovely experience.

As the page says:

‘The Reading Room. Your place for books.’

[divider]Memories from Books[divider]

Before I go into talking about the positive aspects of this page, let me tell you that Memories from Books is a new Facebook page and does not have many likes, but the memories it shares will make you feel very nostalgic and will make you revisit some beautiful periods of your life. You might even wish to go through those books once again to relive that same experience and feelings.

[divider]My Independent Bookshop[divider]

My Independent Bookshop is reader recommendation place where you can give and receive personal book recommendations from your very own bookshop.

It is yet to become a big page, but it contains pretty nice content that keeps its like-ers coming back again and again. It is worth liking it.

[divider]Amazon Books[divider]

Woah! This page has around 500,000 likes! You should like this page for sure.

Amazon Books has giveaways, fantastic bookish photos and a vibrant community that conducts discussions on important yet kind-of-funny topics. This Facebook page has information and fun merged together which results in pleasure for the readers.

[divider]Book Riot[divider]

Book Riot

Well, this page has more than 200,000 likes on it. Do I still have to give reasons of how awesome this page is? I should not, but I still will.

Book Riot has amazing content on a variety of books and there is always a healthy debate going on among the readers which gives life to this page. Check it out for yourself and I am sure that you are going to adore it.

[divider]Epic Reads[divider]


Like all the other literary pages mentioned in this post, Epic Reads, too, contains news on all the latest books. Also, teenagers will be able to find the hottest teen books on this page and it talks about movie adaptations as well. Nowadays, Divergent has been taking over Epic Readers.

[divider]Literature Is My Utopia[divider]


Literature is my utopia. Nothing can be truer than this.

This Facebook page is a combination of literary quotes, bookish graphics and a community of bookworms. You can even interact with these enthusiastic readers and talk about all the books that you love. Literature lovers can live here in peace. What more do you want.

So… Like it!


bookreporter_logo is slightly different from the other literary pages. It not just talks about books and their reviews, but it also contains information on a range of authors. It even has interviews ranging from the bestselling authors to debut writers, polls, contests and much more that keeps the person engaged. You will find books that will be coming soon, paperback books, movie adaptations, spotlight authors, etc. Books are classified in genres such as mystery, thrillers, romantic suspense, historical fiction, women’s fiction and literary fiction. The content is updated every week so you will be kept up-to-date always.

I am sure all the book lovers, like me, will love this post, but let me tell you that there are still hundreds of other literary pages, apart from the ones mentioned above, that contains amazing stuff for you. We will keep you informed and even you can suggest a completely new list of such Facebook pages by utilizing the comments’ section below. Keep returning to Review Lad for further information.

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