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Mobile applications on smart phones and tablets or web stores have transformed us all, from humans to self-reliant puppets of iconography and graphics. However, well fashioned iconography and graphics permit us to use and function gadgets without additional instructions on the mobile device in question. Crafting and designing an App Icon is delicate art which not only influences the user’s perception but also helps glam up the ratings of any App. Graphical representations triggers high significance when it comes down to building applications. In order to propose a successful application, the key lies in an outstanding App Icon. Users ought to track down your application icon in just a glance and so; an outstanding icon makes an outstanding app! Well, here is an exclusive insight of a few icons which will push you into the majestic App groove! So here we go.

[divider]Vector Icons[divider]

Vector Icons

To be downloaded for both, personal and commercial projects, this iconography exhibits excitement and brilliance. Having a dull pink layout, this is quite intelligent as it may cover almost all bubble up, fun genres! This has got to be your iconography inspiration!

[divider]Smallicons Icon[divider]

Small icons

Smallicons is a set of 54 icons which will help make your design look fresh, expressive and significant.

[divider]Tab Bar Icons[divider]

tab bar icons

Beauty at a glance! Tab Bar Icons is offering you a 30×30 & 60×60 PX, catering a set of 32 icons fashioned to compliment web or mobile to the fullest. Go get them right away!

[divider]PSD Set of Icons[divider]


Excellent iconography with a splash of exciting colors topped with boldness and accuracy. This will not only give your application authority to grasp attention, but will also accelerate the rating process of you app. This one is glamorous!



[divider]54 Squared Icons[divider]


Small and friendly squared icons, in shades of cheeky orange, baby pink and white. All apps require prominence to stand out in the crazy markets of today. And this will certainly do the trick, catering you with an appealing and exciting color scheme with the brilliance of 54 brand new icons.



A collection of minimalistic illustrations and icons, which are very easy to resize, modify and use.  Beyond brilliance!

[divider]Geek Icons[divider]

Geek icon

Sporty, sparkly and spectacular! Geek icons presents to you, a generous color palette, in shades of brown, black, green and coffee. This will glam your app up in no time.

[divider]Round Icon Set[divider]

Round icon set

Looks simple, adjustable and pleasant. This set of icon, collaborates with simplicity & fashion forwardness, portraying an extraordinary sense of style. Beautiful round & blue! Remarkable.

[divider]Social Media Icons[divider]

Social media icons

Unfolding a brand new set of social media icons that can be used for personal or commercial projects. The entire outlook of your webpage will plunge into perfection. Take it away!



Brilliant color palette and iconography. This is a modern mishmash of classic and contemporary allocation huge bolds, for giving your application or website a fantastic appearance. Brilliant work, really.

Some candy bars can be instantly recognized at a glance, even from afar and this is exactly how you should be approaching your app icon design. Above were some of the best iconography examples holding both, variety and quality. On top of that, they are all free! Get your hands on these pretty chunks as soon as you finish reading this. And hey, do not forget to tell us what you think of this piece! Like and share away, to your friends and family. It’s free!

Written by Ali Zohaib

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.

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