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Creating WordPress theme is an interesting activity for all ambitious coders, since it is one of the most well-known Content Management systems available that assists numerous users. Developers also feel inspired to design word press themes which can be of help to many users thus; it pays back the hard work of developers of these Word press themes in form of revenues. Once you produce it, you need to sell it and that can be a very hectic job! It’s better  to avoid using Theme Market places for selling your WordPress Theme , why pay them considerable amount of money from your profits when you can keep it all for yourselves?

If you want to promote your theme with significant results, we have 10 striking ways to help you market your own WordPress Theme.  Follow them and sell your WordPress Theme in the most trouble-free manner, while keeping the maximum amount of profits with yourself!

[divider]Carry out the Standard pattern[divider]

Following the usual norms is something that is always expected from the developers. It portrays a very knowledgeable and professional behavior of the coders which can help influence the clients to buy your WordPress theme.

[divider]Paid reviews[divider]

There are varieties of sites available that offer paid reviews administrations. The cash that you are going to pay is less and scope is quite often a ton higher than when managing the free promotional ways accessible. Paid reviews can without much of a stretch result in thousands of benefits and help promose and eventually sell your WordPress Theme. On the other hand, you have to be somewhat watchful as it is not as simple as you may accept to get coverage. You must be certain that the paid surveys are totally impartial. List down the distinctive websites that you can contact and consider the coverage you can gain for the amount you’ll pay. Paid promotion is very powerful and paid reviews stays published throughout.

[divider]Free Give aways[divider]

Giving out something for free is the most attractive way to sell your WordPress Theme because everyone enjoys getting free stuff! Design some little free giveaways like plug-ins, themes, icon sets etc. which can be given out to potential customers as an attraction to buy your WordPress Theme.

A standout to get attention, which can advertise your WordPress Theme is to release a free version of it. After using a small version of the Theme, people get aware of the functions and would like to get an upgraded version of it, so they can experience and use more features of the WordPress Theme. Now this upgraded version will be the paid one.

[divider]Customizing and Theme Options[divider]

Naturally, every client might want to have the option to customize a theme according to his or her interests. The user would like to buy a Theme worth the price he is paying, so in order to sell your WordPress theme, your theme ought to have settings to customize in an easily usable way. If you want your theme to be used by numerous websites, it should be designed in such a way that it can cater some changes. This means that you have a useful Theme yet a non-bloated one.

[divider]Should be accessible to everyone[divider]

Even the non-theme buyers should be aware of your WordPress theme. If not them, the Theme marketplace should definitely know about the existence and features of your WordPress Theme. More importantly, they should know the whereabouts of your Theme and how they can buy it. So making it easily available and accessible for the market and outside the market can help you make more sales.


To sell your WordPress Theme(See our post on 10 reasons why WordPress is the best CMS), your Theme should always be properly documented and updated at regular intervals. This will again show your professionalism, how your WordPress Theme is upto date and better than other competitors. It impresses the clients thereby improving your sales.

[divider]Translation-ready theme[divider]

WordPress theme serves a varied set of users, so the possibility lies there that there can be different language users other than English speakers. Therefore, to attract a diversified set of customers to sell your Theme, a translation-ready Theme can be a striking way! It can make your Theme more popular than the rest and increase the range of clients.

[divider]Theme Niches[divider]

Making a general WordPress Theme that can be utilized for any sort of site is constantly extraordinary yet it might take time till the sales start. It is simpler to advertise anything when you consider utilizing a niche. Outline Themes that are ideal for a particular specialty when you first begin to promote your business. For example, a few Themes are better for musicians, non-profits, photographers, businesses or personal portfolios.

For the WordPress Theme that is to be created, begin your promotion by looking for the ideal niche. That helps you to focus on your competitions too and that you are prone to be successful with your creation. As you pick the niche, informational access is gained about your target audience.  The better you know your intended interest group, the more viable your marketing techniques will be!

[divider]Offering after sales services[divider]

Customers are always more than willing to come for after sales services. These are sometimes the general queries about the WordPress and not your Theme specifically. However, you can offer to set up the Theme or ask them to contact you in case they face any problem using or setting up your particular WordPress Theme. Be polite with the customers, but keep formal relations. Specific and limited contact with the client is preferable; this will show how professional you are at your job.

[divider]Press Releases[divider]

Designers should locate relevant sites and blogs and them. Once the WordPress Theme is launched, designer should write an attractive press release and sent it to big publications.

Still, be prepared for it to be not published, because they get many Themes on daily basis.

Now all you need to be, after following these steps, is to be patient, not expect overnight results, focus on delivering the best quality WordPress Theme you can and market your Theme on social networking sites. Together all of this will ensure high sales of your WordPress Theme.

Goodluck developers!


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