10 Popular Platforms for Building Websites


Website building can put you under a strain for there are so many aspects that you’d find yourself juggling with. Designing, developing, coding, and programming will leave your mind boggled and force you to ask yourself “Why did I get into this and how do I get out?”

Fear no more! We have found 10 Popular Platforms for Building Websites that will make website-building a child’s play with your work-load simplified, loading time minimized, and producing great results.

[divider]IM Creator[divider]

IM creator

IM Creator offers free registration after which you can start building your website. The website built will be compatible with all mobile devices. You are free to tailor the layout of your site according to your or your client’s precisions. If you want, you can also take help from a long list of sample templates for different types of websites such as business, medicine, arts, sports, academics, etc.



SquareSpace allows you to make sites for different purposes while also catering to aesthetic appeal. Using this tool is simple and your site would be just minutes away from being completely functional. It offers features essential for your business such as marketing facilities, integrating with various apps, registration links, and reservation point. SquareSpace templates stand out for their versatility and organization of the website content in an attractive manner.

You have an option of using a free trial and then moving to a paid registration to avail the services.



Another website building platform providing you with facilities that save your time and effort. More than two thousand templates are available on this site making it extremely easy for you to find the design suitable for your business. Not only does PretaShop allow mobile phone functionality of the site developed, it also displays it in perfectly across all mobile screens and other devices. If you’re not satisfied with the templates on the site and have little experience in designing yourself, you can ask one of the site’s expert designers to do the work for you.

Designers can bag some bucks by creating a template for any type of business or particular website purpose and sell it on PretaShop Addons.



Dunked is a savior of all the techie-illiterates who don’t know how to input a single code.  This site presents you with expert-designed, mobile responsive templates which can also be customized by changing the font, layout, types easily without worrying about the dreaded codes. It guarantees you complete control of your portfolio and designs that give support your work.

Dunked also supports Google Analytics that helps you spot the people who visit your site often and websites that gives you the most traffic. All Dunked sites are SEO optimized giving your site an edge in search engine visibility.



Designly goes by the slogan “We make internet better” and it certainly does through its web development and graphic designing. Designly is an affordable place for building a website.

It has a myriad of services to make your website stand out and be competitive. Don’t cram your site with too much information. Make it easy to grasp by using one or more of Designly’s features. Take help from the 3D visuals and graphic designing for a site that is of contemporary taste or use a video for a clear and concise message. Social media integration makes your site accessible and expands your audience.

[divider]Themify Builder[divider]


This one is for your WordPress sites to give it a makeover and be ahead in the game. Themify Builder has a number of themes which can be conveniently styled through drag and drop and watch the site in action with the FRONT EDIT MODE as you make the changes. Users find its customizable options highly impressive.

It comes with free and paid version. Free version would require you to customize the themes yourself and will be without the frequent updates and support system.



Wix shouldn’t go unnoticed for it is yet another useful platform for website building. Its users have positive reviews to post owing to its variety of templates for different categories, customizing option, free of cost, and the bonus feature of image-editing.

[divider]Light CMS[divider]

Light CMS

Light CMS is known for easy to use nature that even a beginner can master. You have full liberty to craft a site according to your choice and manage it without any difficulty. Just when you thought this would be the end, Light CMS believes in a cozy relationship with its users that is marked by security and an efficient support system running in the background.



Wopop justifies itself as your choice through the work it does. With over 500 templates for website building along with a customizable option, this site wouldn’t rest until you get the best. Wopop can also help you with writing content in a different language or make a replica of your site in different languages. Boost your business with online payment, shopping cart, shipping charges built-ins and mobile responsiveness ensuring increased accessibility.

[divider]AllYou. Net[divider]


Take a modern approach to web and layout designing and will be your pick. This site is highly sought by those in the creative arts. Since it has partnered with TypeKit, you can choose stylish fonts for your interesting content to give your website an exclusive feel. However it doesn’t have the live demo that the other website builders offer and is quite slow.

Why bother racking your brains trying to figure out the nitty-gritty into website building when you have experts to aid you. Next time you have to build a website, you can do so by visiting these places and saving yourself from a great deal of mental torture.


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