10 Reasons You should Play Watch Dogs


With Watch Dogs released on May 27th, we felt it was high time to do some research and find out exactly what makes the game worth playing. To say that the game is impressive would be an understatement. With a development cycle of five year which even beats Grand Theft Auto 5, Ubisoft has big plans for Chicago. On that note, here are the ten reasons you need to play this open-world hacking game.

[divider]The Mix[divider]


It’s an ambitious game to say the least. Watch Dogs can be aptly described as GTA 5 meets Assassin’s Creed meets Arkham City – yet despite the mix of influences it succeeds in retaining its own mark. It can’t be said to be better than the mentioned games, but at least its not a failure in comparison to them either. It’s a great game with smart ideas and an innovative setting and arrives to the point owing to its cross-generational birth.

[divider]The Plot[divider]

The focus of the plot is on Aiden Pearce’s high-tech exploits, a self-styled vigilante and hacker. Before the action of the game starts, we learn that Aiden and Damien, his partner, got involved in a risky hacking job at a hotel, a mission which ends up hideously wrong and leaves them with an unknown villain retaliating against Pearce. In the crossfire Lena, his niece, dies and so beings the classic quest of a man for revenge and answers. Although the game relies completely on tech, at its core it’s the human emotions which drive the story forward, something for which the developers deserve a clever nod.

[divider]Real Deal Chicago[divider]


Playing a game which provides a real life environment gives it a level of deep immersion which can not be beaten. Watch Dogs takes place in the streets of Chicago, featuring many historical landmarks of the city the players will recognize. This Chicago environment is sure to provide the X factor which will put this game on top.

[divider]Great MicroPieces[divider]

If the overarching narrative remains forgettable for you, then the exciting and delightful micro plots and set pieces are sure to grab your attention. These make up considerably for the story-beats which some players may find predictable. One mission has the player searching for a secret bunker on an abandoned island, near the City Centre.  The enticing Vangelis-style music combines with the grand in-game sunset to make the player feel like they are genuinely discovering a new secret world, right in the urban sprawl’s heart. Another nice little moment has the player trying to find a rival hacker in a nightclub. There aren’t any spoilers here, but the players turns the hacking system on the player, changing the info you can see when you look at others at the club. The role reversal is wonderful making the player feel powerless and forces them to question the motives of Aiden. Its better to enjoy Watch Dogs’ narrative in pieces, rather than as a complete whole.

[divider]Hacking Cameras[divider]


Hacking cameras are an exciting tool in this game which let the player explore and probe every nook and corner of the city. The cameras are everywhere, and you can jump through huge in-game distances by simply moving from one hackable device to the other. This is greatly liberating and provides the players with many strategic gameplay options. One good example of this is when playing if another player invades your game and tries to hack your phone for cash and secrets. Instead of going after the attacker and revealing your position, you can hack the cameras and hop between them until the attacker has been profiled. This is truly a unique moment for the game.


[divider]Sharp Looking Graphics Bring Chicago to Life[divider]


Al right, the greatest advantage goes to PC players for graphics when it comes to Watch Dogs. It turns out that Ubisoft had worked in collaboration with NVIDIA to make sure that the game is one of the most beautiful ones out there, making use of the HBAO+ technology which focuses on a more realistic shadowing. While in its own right, the PlayStation 4 version of the game will surely be gorgeous yet few can argue that the graphic power of the PC is at top of the pack.

No matter which platform you opt for when it comes to Watch Dogs, the game will provide you with more eye candy than you are accustomed to. Check out the trailer of the game before playing it out to see for yourself.

[divider]Ubisoft Delayed Watch Dogs to Make it Great[divider]


You may be wondering why a delay in a game’s release is a good thing. Well, there are two main reasons which can be seen as positives. First, a delay in the game extends the time for its development which gives more time to polish up the features and remove any discrepancies or bugs. Second, it shows that the studio itself was not confident enough in the perfection of the game and hence is using the extra time to improve its quality further. Watch Dogs was planned to be released in late 2013, the additional six months that took place in development are sure to pay off.

[divider]You Can Hack Anything[divider]


The best part of this game is that you can hack anyone and anything. Each person present in the game has their own unique back story. However, caution should still be used by the players. Crossing the worng person may result in a bounty on your head. However, it still seems pretty appealing to be digging into the lives of virtual people.

[divider]Forget everything else[divider]

When you start playing Watch Dogs, you might just want to clear your schedule up completely. The game’s Creative Director stated that the story of the game can take around 35 to 40 hours. Assuming that you don’t sleep, eat or meet anyone in this time, its still more than two days. A game this long will keep the players entranced for longer and you can spend the summers navigating through Chicago with a controller in your hands.

[divider]Because Good Games are worth playing[divider]


Do we really have to give you another reason to play? Go try out Watch Dog and be your own judge of this fantastic hacking adventure.

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