10 Reasons Smartwatches will outsmart Smartphones

In this new race of technological advancements, we live to witness something new everyday. But our center of the attention remains to be the very dear smartphone. Divided customers and leading names fight to bring something new to the table; as long as the smartphone is better than the previous one. Over the past few decades we have witnessed some astonishing changes in the smartphone industry. Leaps and bounds have been taken to produce the best; not just aesthetically but functionally as well. And they all have succeeded brilliantly in doing so, so much that our life is incomplete without a shiny smartphone. However the question remains: Can something outsmart the smartphones?
Behold; the Smartwatches! What once was restricted to your pockets and palms is now at your wrist. Can we outgrow our love for Smartphones? Of course we can! That’s what we do.Here are 10 reasons why:

Smartwatches are the new smartphones

Let’s all admit that we were getting pretty tired of the minor screen size and memory changes. We wanted something big. And this is exactly that! Only, it’s smaller. Everything we have in our phones is on our wrist. Talk about easy substitution. Smartwatches are the newer and better versions of smartphones, the difference is, before it was either in our hands or pockets and now it will be on our wrists!

Its healthier. Literally!

Smartwatches keep a track of our pulse rate and physical movement; thus keep us updated with our health. Something which our smartphones could not do! All you have to do is just wear the tiny little thing on your wrist and it does the job for you. Suddenly, pulling that phone out of your pocket seems like a tough job! Little activity and fatigue keeps you healthy. Ironical as that sounds, it does not get any truer than this.

It’s a step forward for all the smartphone users

You think you don’t spend too much time on your phone? Well, that’s going to change. Easier access will increase the frequency of usage. No need to reach out for your smartphone anymore, because its right there, in front of our eyes! Now we all can enjoy a better quality time with our phones, rather our watches now.

It’s a watch as well

We all saw this coming. But think of it as a two in one; your watch tells time and does all these other cool things which you needed your phone for, which by the way, is nestled in your pocket comfortably. There is no need to press the panic button, because guess what? No one will have to forgo a fashion statement because our watches are still intact. In fact, they are trendier now!

The possibility of voice recognition

How cool will it be if we could talk on our smartwatches? Rather to our smartwatches. The possibility of voice recognition elevates this gadget to a far more strong position. Yes, voice recognition; imagine dictating emails to your watch. It does not get any better than this! Also, it is much more preferred to the embarrassing moments experienced while conversing on the Bluetooth headset.

Emergencies are a glance away only

How often is it that our phone dies or its charging and we miss a potential emergency? Almost,  always. But this will not happen anymore. All thanks to our smartwatches. The easy access helps us keep any eye out every time. It is harder to ignore something which if placed in front of your eyes at all times. There is no sneaking around anymore; we all have to answer that call when it rings!

Smartwatches are safer than Smartphones

What are the chances that your phone goes missing from your pocket? They are a lot more than the chances of someone taking your watch away. Smartwatchesare safer since we have them in front of us at all times. Also, the security system can always be updated according to user requirements. Feeding in information about your exact location at all times keeps you safe as well. The possibility of further upgrade in this area is most definite since the market is expected to explode for this gadget.

Battery life outsmarts the smartphones

The headache of having to charge your smartphone after every couple of hours takes its toll on us. Because thesesmartwatchesare designed such, their battery life is longer than a smartphone. Let us not compare the smartwatch to a regular watch; that is just unfair and tragic. A normal watch only tells us the time thus battery lasts for almost a year. Smartwatches have other vigorous jobs. But still longer battery life than Smartphones.

Technological advancements will eventually flow

For all those who worry about the apps that are smartphonefriendly, let us not forget the technological age we are living in. There is a solution to every problem. Like Google becoming mobile friendly for smartphone users. Therefore, changes will take place and things will become smartwatch friendly as well. We can all start getting addicted to this one now.

Life gets simpler

Important meeting updates, emails, frantic calls from parents! All these things make you dig up your smartphone anxiously. Bless the smartwatches because now there is no digging required. It is on your wrist! It cannot get any simpler than this. You will find yourself seeking a behavioral change; your frantic movements are cut short and life is happy again!

All this comparison will probably be hard for those die hard smartphone fans to digest; but it’s a fact. Comparisons will live till we do, and in order to succeed and improve quality of life; comparisons will play an exceptionally vital role. It’s sad to see the era of smartphones come to a jostling end, but it definitely marks the beginning of something so exciting. Smartwatches have a lot of potential. All these reasons above are derived from its concept alone. The possibilities of what it can become when companies compete to improve it seem endless. This little gadget will change lives; but right now, it is here to stay.

Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.

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