10 Tips to Writing a Great Blog Post


Believe it or not, two million blog posts are published every day. Yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY. According to research by Ignite Spot:

  • 77% of web users read blogs;
  • 6.7 million people blog on websites such as Tumblr and WordPress;
  • More than 12 million people blog via social networks.

And the story does not end here. With more than 630 million websites and 4.3 billion pages on the web, it is vital to stand out and get your potential customers’ attention with high quality content. POOR QUALITY CONTENT IS SO NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Writing good blogs posts that keep you readers coming back for more is not an easy job. But do not worry. We have brought, for you, 10 tips to writing a great blog post. We are sure that your blogs will turn out be amazing, which will quadruple organic traffic, triple website leads and double revenue.

[divider]1. Story-Telling[divider]

Before you begin writing your blog post, spend a few minutes thinking about what you want to convey and who you want to influence. This is very important. Also, focus on what you want the readers to learn about. When you are done with this, jot down your keywords, questions and themes that you want to explore. Now, the next best thing you can do is talk to people and carry out some research to see what has already been written about the topic. Good stories make the message easier to read and to connect with.

To frame the blog post, explain clearly WHAT you are writing about, WHY it is important and HOW the content will help the reader.

[divider]2. Title and Headings[divider]

The title and headings determine if the post is read. Hence, special attention should be given to them.

You might write the most wonderful blog post on earth, but if the title does not capture the reader’s attention, then your post will be worthless and, thus, will not be read. What you should do is create around 5 different versions of their title and then select the best one based on. Take opinions from your family and friends on which one is the most interesting.

For instance, here are five versions of the title I had originally created for this particular blog post, before choosing “10 tips to writing a great blog”:

  1. 10 tips to writing a great blog post
  2. How to create a successful post on your blog?
  3. 10 ways to create a successful blog post for your readers
  4. Write an amazing blog post in 10 ways
  5. 10 tips to becoming a great blog post writer

In addition to the title, the headlines in the post are also hold a special place. Remember that out of 10 readers only 8 will read the headlines in your post while only 2 out of them will read what your post really offers. This is because headings provide a quick overview of the content, and good headlines lead to the reader spending more time reading the post and even sharing it.

Tip: Before you submit your blog post for review, write at least 5-7 new headlines for your blog post. There is always a better headline for your blog post waiting to be discovered. I know that this sounds time-consuming, but a little effort now will pay off in the future.

[divider]3. Begin with Important Facts and Figures[divider]

A well-structured blog post is constructed like a pyramid. First, the content, which acts as the base for the topic, background material and data collection to support the research. Then the discussion and recommendations for further research should be attended.

[divider]4. Content[divider]

You content will only prove to be great if it is appealing enough. You should use more of the following to make your content one:

  • Bullet points
  • Quotes
  • Numbers and research
  • Charts, graphs and slide decks
  • Bold, italic or underline important keywords

[divider]5. Photos, Videos and Numbers[divider]

The web has transformed from webpage-after-webpage-full-of-text to a visual media. On the web, you can, within a matter of seconds, have access to photos, videos, diagrams and Info graphics. Why not use them in our blog posts in order to enrich them? More eyes can conveniently be drawn to visual elements because visual elements keep the reader engaged to a much greater extent as compared to posts that are text only.

Note: Each time you quote data, research and facts, include a link to the original source.

[divider]6. Optimize your Posts for SEO[divider]

While creating blog posts for your existing readers is a great starting point, you should be able to reach new readers, too. This will be gradual. One way to reach new readers is through search engines, and you can only do this by optimizing your blog posts. You can optimize your blog posts in the following ways:

  • Choose a keyword for your blog post (for example, Facebook marketing tips).
  • Use your keyword in the Title tag, Meta description and the URL.
  • Format your blog posts and use H1, H2 and H3 tags.
  • Use your keyword in Image alt text and file name.
  • Your post is optimized. Tadaaa!

[divider]7. Internal Links[divider]

While Google algorithms continue to progress, both yours and Google’s website goals are lined: to provide a great user experience. By linking keywords to the content, you are performing an important job with respect to both the SEO and the user experience.

[divider]8. Link out![divider]

As mentioned above, each sentence that you quote from some other website must have its link attached. If you have been inspired by others, tell the reader about it by linking to the resources you are inspired by. This allows the reader to read more about that research or information that you have included in your post.

[divider]9. Promote your Post[divider]

Bring social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ to your benefit. Use them for them promotion of your blog. These websites are used all over the world and thus will help bring more traffic to your blog.

 [divider]10. Ending…[divider]

End your post with a call to action. By ‘action’ we mean:

  • Ask them to leave a comment;
  • Ask them to share the blog post with their friends;
  • Ask them to sign up for a free trial on your blog;
  • Ask them to subscribe to your blog/newsletter.

In simple words, turn your reader from a mere reader to a paying customer.

Life does not end with these 10 tips. There are hundreds of thousands of ways that can help you write a really good blog post. More will always keep coming here. So always stay tuned. And do not forget to add to this list in the comments’ section below.


Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.

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