10 Top Tools for Code Editing and Collaboration


If you are part of a coding project, either in a team or individually, you will need to know a list of resources or tools that will help you to edit code in real time without any local networks limitations. This article will help you find the best 10 collaborative coding editors for developers. These are some of the most useful resources for web developers for both online and web-based integrated Development Environments (IDE). Use these tools for developing any kind of web work that works in a simple and comfortable way with hypertext and style languages such as HTML, CSS, Script, JavaScript, PHP, and frameworks like Motools or jQuery, which helps users in executing code. Apart from this, in many of them, you can sign in to store and manage all your files in a history and some also offer interesting forms of collaborative coding. All these applications are easily available online and that too, free of cost!

Following is the list of the top 10 tools for code editing and collaboration:



People who like using Sublime, would no doubt like Codeanywhere as well. It is a well-put-together collaborative device. Codeanywhere works with almost every browser so it’s basically a multi-platform coding editor over the cloud. Connect and transfer your files through FTP, SFTP and FTPS if you want and the management of servers can also be through cloud. It is extremely convenient if you are working with a team because Codeanywhere helps you track any sort of changes made to the file so your other team members know if there are any revisions made.



This is An interactive CSS playground and code sharing device created by Lea Verou. It saves to Github gists. Dabblet also makes CSS editing a lot easier.



This one is a JavaScript component that will provide you a code editor in the browser. It will color your code, and might help you with the indentation too when a mode is accessible for the language in which you are coding.



Cloud9 is a Powerful and adjustable cloud IDE for writing, running, and debugging your code. Keep your collaborations with your workspaces private or public as per your requirement!

Cloud9 helps you to work in the cloud by using Ubuntu workspace. This is straight to the point, which also saves your time. They take care of the maintenance and through their cloud interface, you can code in real time which will feature a group chat box which is easy to retrieve.

With Cloud9, You can also share your IDE, workspace, any running applications and showcase a preview of the work. The best part is that you can replay any edits made to it. This is something that won’t be available in any other collaborative coding editors. Moreover, language tools to facilitate coding, debugging to check over your apps, a split view with user interface customization, keybindings editor, even a built in image editor  are also some of the other features that Cloud9 offers. Different modes such as Sublime, Emacs and VIM can also be used.

Plus, Cloud9 also have a blog which portrays their new updates. It is indeed very helpful if you want to check their developments and updates.

You can join Cloud9 for free, and you’ll get a private workspace, 512 MB of RAM, 1.5 Gig Space and a FTP workspace. Then, there is a premium package of $19 per month. This package gives you 6 private workspaces, 1BG RAM, 5GB disk space, unlimited workspaces and FTP and infinite collaborators.

[divider]Thimble, by Mozilla[divider]

Thimble, by Mozilla
This application allows you to create your own web pages as it is a WIDE.  This will also allow you to Write and edit HTML and CSS right in your browser and preview your work instantly. Once you have finished, you can then host and share your finished pages with a single click.


Koding is a wonderful option for collaborative IDE/VM setup. It has an app known as Teamwork that will allow different users to carry out live editing. is available in a $19 resource pack which also has 2x CPU, 2GB RAM, 10 GB disk, 10 virtual machines.Then, they have lots of packages according to every budget so you can subscribe the one which is more convenient for you.



This is a sort of  playground for web developers, which edits online for web snippets. jsFiddle is also quite helpful if you want to isolate bugs. Lots of frameworks supported.



Nitrous gives you and your team collaboration with your codes on the cloud via your web IDE, Chrome application or any other desktop editor such as Sublime Text, Textmate, depending upon your need and choice. The environment is cloud hosted so you don’t have to maintain the machine. This way you will be more productive and there won’t be any need to waste your time troubleshooting problems on your box.



This is Collaborative JavaScript Debugging App. Create an account on GitHub if you want to contribute to jsBin development.



This is the simplest, yet the most efficient tool! It is a very productive real-time browser editor it you want to share the code with your team. You will need to type your code on the site and then share your work with your team or whoever you want to, through a link, hence this is the most easiest of all the tools for code editing and collaboration. If you want to communicate any instructions, opinions, ideas etc. to any team member or partner then you can also avail the facility of video chat. The best part is that, it is free and functional.

These are all of the 10 best tools for code editing and collaboration that will help you hopefully and will be of utmost use to you. In any coding project, these tools will not only be useful for you alone but also for the team on a whole as it will make communication easier, leaving less chances of errors. These tools will make this process so easy and will also motivate the team to get the coding done entirely from the start to the end.


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