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Conventionally, plugins were supposed to be the best friend of an amateur photographer; click some amazing shots, fire up Photoshop, smear some well-pre-set filters, and you are done, you have a reasonably expert image. Specialized photographers have always been known to be making use of plugins as the foundation. They then tug and pull and add effects to achieve their own personal professional touch. Plugins are, more generally, an essential instrument that just do not receive the attention that they are worthy of.

Let us get into a little more detail and talk about Photoshop plugins:

Photoshop Plugins, as stated in the paragraph above, are add-ons that are intended at helping the designers in attaining supplementary photo effects and/or performing some very challenging tasks thereby enabling them to create awesome and superb designs. The cool and handy Photoshop plugins make complicated tasks much easier (as mentioned above) and aid in creating actual designs that prove to appeal you visually. Nowadays, there is the accessibility of a wide range of free Photoshop plugins that can and surely will be of great help to the designers.

There are more than thousands of plugins that you can always choose from, but many of them have become outdated and, therefore, no longer work with the updated versions of Photoshop. We have collected the 10 free Photoshop plugins which you can download, install and start using right away.

As we always say, your suggestions are more than welcomed. Do comment and give us your advices and even add to this list of plugins. We will be glad!


[divider]Layrs Control[divider]

Layr Control





[divider]HSL Plus 1.1[divider]

HSL Plus 1.1



[divider]Exposure 4[divider]

Beauty portrait of young fashion model

[divider]3D Invigorator  [divider]

3D Invigorator

[divider]Perfect Effects 3 [divider]

Perfect Effects 3

[divider]Tych Panel 2[divider]

Tych Panel 2

[divider]Mr. Stacks[divider]

Mr. Stacks   {adinserter 1}

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