10 Websites to download Free Vector Icons

You could be a graphic or a web designer, but vector designs are the best way to get some quality done without losing the resolution of your artwork. So if you are on a limited budget or are struggling to meet a deadline but still want effective and high quality results, instead of just starting everything from scratch, you can download some amazing vector designs and make a few changes here and there and you are good to go. The best part? It’s for free! So here’s a list of websites that allow you to download free vector icons.

Vector Portal

This particular site has been voted as one of the best by many graphic designers. It contains several categories of Stock Vectors and many others for a more efficient and better usage. Vector Portal keeps its site interesting by allowing artists to upload their videos and display them to the visitors thus increasing its range and its collection of quality work.


Just like Vector Portal, Vecteezy also provides free space to artists, also allowing them create and exchange free vector graphics with one another. It gets one of the highest visitors among all the vector sites and has a huge variety of vector logos to choose from. It has an awesome interface which is both simple and efficient to use and allows searching for the right content much easier.


If you are looking for any image related stuff- this site is the best option for you! If you want to download any free icons, all you have to do is type in the search web and you get an array of several artists having their own unique collection. This website is host to one of the largest community of digital artists.

Web Design Hot

While it may not have the best user interface, this website however has a huge collection of vector graphics, logos, wallpapers and much more. It has gained popularity due to its variety as it has over 2000 graphics. They collect some of the best free vectors from various locations and allow you to download them for free.

Vector Madness

From free T-shirt design to stock vector images, this site contains a huge list of free vector resources for the vector artists. With over 7800 images and icons too choose from, this is the one of the most go-to sites for vector artists looking to get some quality work done.


This is one of the most well organized sites which is its most attractive feature. All the vector images are laid out neatly and in an orderly fashion with the images’ relevant information and license rights written on the right. Moreover, it allows you not only to download free images but to submit some of your own as well. You can either use the search box to look for the required icon or go through the mentioned categories.

Free Vector Archive

This site contains one of the most superior quality materials on its page. You can search for the various vector images along with their illustrator files, and use this information to edit the files you download. It also features ‘Vector of the Week’ on the front page which is a great hit among vector artists.

123 Free Vectors

This is one of the most creative vector sites and contains several categories such as free vector art, vector stocks, vector packs, T-shirts, wallpapers, background designs and much more. But to save the user from going through the extensive collection, it also contains the option of browsing through the ‘Top 100 downloads’.

Free Vectors Daily

This particular site does not go after quality, it rather focuses on quality. It only has over 360 vectors but they are extremely rare and hard to find on other vector sites. Thus, it gets a lot of visits from customers who are looking for unique and extra ordinary graphics.

Q Vectors

This is another neatly organized vector site containing some high quality images. This site dedicates an entire page to each image or image pack that contains all its personal information such as comments, ratings and a full image preview while providing a link to other vectors found on the site thus allowing for easy navigation. You have a lot of categories to choose from and it contains material useful for making effective presentations.
These above sites mentioned are the top recommended ones to download free vector icons in terms of their variety and quality. However, it is certainly advisable to view the license agreement to provide proper credits to the owner while using them in your work. Hope this list helps you! Download these for free and deliver your best work.

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