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15 Amazing Gadgets for Windows


Gadgets for Windows are a great way to get useful information at hand. Through these gadgets, you can keep tabs on your hard drive or CPU performance, launch apps quicker, see the weather and do unit calculations along with much more. As these gadgets do take up system resources, you need to be careful about the ones you download. Here, we provide you a list of the 15 amazing gadgets for windows that are most likely to appeal to you.

[divider]CPU Meter Gadget[divider]

Two dials are displayed by the CPU Meter Windows gadget for Windows 7 – one tracks the CPU usage of your system while the other tracks physical memory usage. The results are displayed in percentage form. It’s a pretty basic gadget but works effectively.

[divider]Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget[divider]


Not only is  the Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor gadget an effective tool but also looks cool! It allows you to see wireless network connections, verify wireless coverage and much more with its unique interface.

[divider]App Launcher[divider]


This is a simple tool which functions like a mobile quick app launch bar  which can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the screen. Your favorite programs become just a click away from the desktop.


The margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget is able to display a lot of information about your computer. It shows your wifi status, battery power, system time, CPU core activity, drive state and calendar.

[divider]Unit Converter Gadget[divider]

The Unit Converter Gadget is a neat little tool to covert different set of units such as energy, time, weight and more. It even comes with a cool looking spinner dial interface.

[divider]DriveInfo Gadget[divider]

The DriveInfo gadget, available for Windows 7 and Vista, monitors the free space available on your PC’s hard drive(s). The free space is displayed In both GB and percentage.

[divider]System Control A1 Gadget[divider]

The System Control A1 gadget tracks memory usage and CPU Load. It is also available for free from the Windows Live Gallery.

[divider]System Monitor Gadget[divider]

The System Monitor gadget, available for both Windows 7 and Vista, can track RAM usage and CPU usage and also can display battery usage, current time, and external and internal IP addresses. It is well designed and has numerous options.

[divider]Wired Network Meter Gadget[divider]

The Wired Network Meter, again a gadget for Windows Vista and 7, provides all sorts of useful information regarding your wired network connection such as total bandwidth usage, upload and download speed and current external and internal IP address. It is available for free from the Windows Live Gallery.

[divider]All CPU Meter Gadget[divider]

The All CPU Meter gadget tracks your available and used memory. It supports as much as eight CPU cores. You can get this gadget for free from the Windows Live Gallery.

[divider]Memeter Gadget[divider]

The Memeter Windows gadget for Vista / Windows 7 sorts out your battery life, CPU and RAM. It can be download for free from the Windows Live Gallery.

[divider]CPU Meter III Gadget[divider]

CPU Meter III is a gadget for tracking CPU usage and also tracks memory usage. Its also very responsive and appear to be live.

[divider]Drive Activity Gadget[divider]

The Drive Activity gadget graphs your hard drives’ workload. Seeing the workload of your hard drive would help out in determining where the performance issues might be.

[divider]Uptime Gadget[divider]

The Uptime Windows gadget tracks how long your system has been powered on for. It resets whenever you restart your system. It is also available for free on the Windows Live Gallery.

[divider]AlertCon Gadget[divider]


The AlertCon gadget provides a visual representation of your current security state across the Internet. The threat level will increase in response to major security holes.

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