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15 Amazing Website Music Players


Music players are an essential part of the audio hosting websites. They are not just confined to music websites, in fact every website that tends to deal with the audio stuff howsoever requires a sophisticated music player for its visitors to listen without downloading the file.

Though, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox along with few other browsers can play audio files in their own separate players, but, firstly, they cannot play all the formats and, secondly, everyone does not use these particular browsers. Therefore, if you are the owner of an audio hosting website, a music player is a compulsory integration for your traffic.

Merging a music player on your website not only facilitates the listener, but, also helps you by increasing the length of visits which eventually reduces the bounce rate and increases the probability of getting clicks on the advertisement. Music players are sometimes the best analytic tools as they can display the frequency of the audio file listened by the users. Some of them have the option to widget-ize the most played file names, etc.

There are lots of scripts and plugins available on the internet that can easily be integrated into the websites,but certainly not all of them are of the same essence. However, some of them are really worthy and deserves a mention here. I’ve gathered around 15 amazing website music players that I’m sure are the best.



Flash MP3 Player 


Flash MP3 Player

Flash MP 3 player is free script which can easily be embedded into the desired section of your web page. Its customization design lets you blend it into your website to give a better look.

[divider]WP Audio Player 



WPaudio is a WordPress plugin developed to run MP 3, efficiently. This player can be of great importance to those, who does not prefer to have flash incorporated in their websites. This plugin can also be used in websites that are not using the WordPress.



Dew Player

Dew Player is light flash player that does not make your website takes time to load. The player initially downloads the audio file and then plays it on the site. It comes in variety of sizes, thus, you can integrate it according to your wish.

[divider]Website Music Player 


Website Music Player

Website Music Player is a designed-in-flash and works by placing a short code into the web page. MP 3 files are needed to be placed in the MP 3 folder to let the player automatically update the playlist.

[divider]Silverlight Audio Player 



Silverlight Audio Player comes in two styles. This simple player is used to play one or more audio files.

[divider]Macromedia Flash MP3 Music Player 


Macromedia Flash MP3 Music Player

This is one of the widely used music player. It can play up to 25 tracks continuously. The music player is updated via a dynamic control file.




AudioPlay is a one button Freeware MP 3 player based on Flash technology. Simply upload AudioPlay and music file to your web page account. The player can be fully customized to give an identical feel with the layout of your website.

[divider]1 Bit Audio Player 



1 Bit Audio Player is an adobe flash MP 3 player with automatic JavaScript insertion. The player can be easily installed as a WordPress plugin or used stand-alone in any website.

[divider]Streaming MP3 Player with drop down playlist 


Streaming MP3 Player with drop down playlist

An XML driven streaming MP 3 Player with drop down playlist.

[divider]Decent player


decent player

Decent Player works with XML support. The URL of the audio files can be placed in the XML file, which is used in playing the song.

[divider]FlashJukebox v3.0 



V3 of FlashJukebox has the possibility to have more than one playlist. These playlist will be shown in the menu on the left.

[divider]MP3 Player Pro 


Mp3 player pro

Comes with multi-skins. Unlimited playlist capability and streams your external MP 3 track.

[divider]2 Mode MP3 Player 


2 Mode MP3 Player

Cool Aqua Style Mp 3 Player with Normal And Lite Display Mode.

[divider]RV Compact MP3 Player – Sound Spectrum 


RV Compact MP3 Player – Sound Spectrum

RV Compact MP 3 Player is a minimal simple compact MP3 player with nice design, rich features and powerful built in sound spectrum visualization. The player provides a wide range of customization especially the sound spectrum.

Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.


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  1. Hi Asil,

    Some nice Players here, good review! I built a HTML 5 Audio Player (Flash fallback) that you might be interested in. It’s web-based to make it as easy and quick as possible to setup. Also we add customization options like graphics/text/links/social media.



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