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15+ Kickass Free Web Fonts For Web Designers


Days of hard work doesn’t pay off until it meets utter perfection. Same way how designing is left unfinished, without the arrangement of letters in style. Designing a website maybe crucial but what gleams it up is the, smart and wise use of typography. A font plays a significant character in any design. It can make or break the outlook of any graphic. Though, speculating about for appropriate font is a tricky job, since one has to consider a handful amount of things. The major task is to fit it into your strict budget whilst, sticking to the code of your design, at the same time.

When designing a webpage serving organizations like Insurance or financing companies, one should keep a strict check of font styles, including the color schemes as these sites may possibly deal with grave and serious matters, targeting a specific audience. However, the outlook of the design shall be indulging classic typography, exhibiting a sense of style and attraction at the same time. If you may have visited organizational WebPages such as those mentioned above, you would have noticed, in how very sophistication the color schemes are chosen, this being mainly in Black or murky colors, with the font styled in perfect measurements. Not too bold, not too flat. All these factors can alter the look of any design, playing a key role in the success or failure of it. So, here’s a collection of 15+ Kickass free fonts for web designers to boost their creativity.





























League Gothic



Open Sans









Droid Sans



Chunk Five




Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Knowledgeable webmasters do not use free stuff offered by big corps. Don’t we teach children not to accept candy offered by strangers, yet webmasters use all kinds of free stuff without understanding the implications. Most of these free stuff is used for tracking website users.

    If you want to use nice fonts buy few good quality fonts and host it on your own websites.

    Don’t eat candy offered by strangers – don’t use free Fonts, CSS, JavaScript, offered by strangers.

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