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15 Plugins to Make your Site Mobile-Responsive


We live in a world where looking into one another’s eyes has been replaced with looking in your phones. And if people are already spending ninety per cent of their time on their phones, they might as well visit your site. In order for that to happen your website has to be mobile-responsive i.e. it has to be conveniently accessible on mobile devices.

This may seem like a daunting task, but with the following websites it can be mastered easily and in minimal time.

[divider]Duda Mobile Website Builder[divider]

This plugin offers you numerous features to make your site mobile-ready. You can either use a free (with ads) or an updated premium version of Duda in which you can choose to put in ads that bring you money. It works on all smartphones and its features include social sharing, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, etc.

[divider]WP Mobile Edition[divider]

Like Mobile Smart, this plugin immediately detects if the site is being viewed from a mobile phone and switches to from desktop to mobile version. The viewers have an option of choosing between desktop and mobile version, and this choice is loaded next time they visit your site. It has a standard mobile theme which is kept simple to minimize loading time. Nevertheless, it is efficient since it contains all the dynamic features of comments, ads, tags, etc.

[divider]WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+[divider]

This one’s for bloggers, content creators, publishers who absolutely love to write and share their work with the world. When it comes to ardent readers, don’t miss out the ones who scroll through their phones.

WordPress Mobile Pack removes the hassle for your readers to install an app in order to view your content. Its responsive user interface, post syncing and theming allows an enjoyable reading experience possible even on a mobile screen.  Its premium version permits you to connect to Google Adsense for your money-making business and makes sure your audience is in touch with your content through the Offline Mode.

[divider]Obox Mobile[divider]

Obox Mobile comes with 12 features that deems your site perfect for a mobile surf. It guarantees full control developing your mobile theme suited to your site’s purpose and adhering to your audience’s taste. You can easily activate this plugin by following six simple steps.

Complaints of Obox Mobile include that a proper content display of your site is limited to touch phones and the Obox Mobile license is restricted in its use for a single website.

[divider]Mobile Smart[divider]

When one of your visitors opens your site through his phone, this plugin automatically transforms your theme into one that caters to a mobile-friendly experience. If your visitor wants to stick to desktop version, he can do so with Mobile Smart’s Manual Switcher. Images are resized to accommodate different mobile devices.

[divider]Frndzk Easy Mobile Theme Switcher with Theme pack[divider]

This plugin comes with light themes and does not require set up. As soon the mobile device being is used is recognized, a compatible theme is presented. Its pros include reduced time in managing and not complicated to use.


This plugin sets its place by being simple and easy-to-use. MobilePress provides you with themes that can be displayed on mobile devices including iPhone, Nokia, Android. And if you’re not satisfied with the choices available, no worries. You can create customized themes that are compatible with mobile devices.  Moreover, it provides features that ensures a mobile-friendly experience for your site viewers.

[divider]iThemes Mobile[divider]

This plugin gives you immense control over the layout of the theme such as font, color, borders, widgets placement, etc. At low cost you can build a theme for your blog, photography site or even a small business. The drawback is that some of the built-in themes are not mobile-responsive or are too plain.

[divider]Elegant Themes Handheld Mobile Plugin[divider]

An ideal solution to the responsivenes issue, this plugin offers an option of a different design to mobile browsers when they visit your site. It is flexible since it can tackle the difference in screen size rendering it suitable for any mobile device. Loading time is reduced and you can also tailor the themes according to your preference.

[divider]WPTouch Mobile Plugin[divider]

WPTouch Mobile Plugin immediately enables a mobile theme of your site as soon as it is installed. It not only displays the content in an appealing manner, but also highlights the important aspects of your blog to aid navigation. You can further tweak the themes according to your requirements.


Through this app you can have you don’t have to settle for a mobile-responsive theme but can create your personal mobile theme for users, without affecting your desktop theme.  Once you’re done creating the app, you can publish it on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The site can be viewed, and the viewers can comment, search, tag, etc directly from the mobile app.

Different sets of HTML and CSS codes are sent with respective to the mobile device used to improve site visit from a phone.

[divider]JetPack by WordPress[divider]

Making your site responsive is only one of JetPack’s many features. It is a single plugin that can compete with all for it overrides the problem of using separate plugins for different features. It comes with Mobile Theme that presents the content in a neat manner and also provides notifications on apps.

[divider]Mobile Detector[divider]

As the name suggest, this plugin spots the mobile device that is being used and converts your site’s content into appropriate theme. Mobile Detector’s extensive features such as posts and images adjustments have been especially designed keeping in mind the preference of mobile-internet surfers.

[divider]Wapple Architect[divider]

Wapple Architect maintains consistency by keeping the style of your site intact when viewed from phone. The same URL is used in the realm of a mobile device facilitating a single domain. Each handset is detected and the site features are fitted to their capabilities and functionalities i.e. users with latest models will be able to extract more features.

[divider]Any Mobile Theme Switcher[divider]

You are free to decide how your site looks from different mobile devices and it need not be same.  Any Mobile Theme Switcher is able to recognize the varying systems your visitors use and displays the content according to the theme that you have selected for each of them. This plugin supports Iphone, Ipod, Android, etc.


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