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15 Reasons Why Google has Become the Most Important Part of Our Lives

Looking for answers to your questions? “GOOGLE IT


The phrase ‘Google it’ has become synonymous with searching for possible answers on the web with just a click. Ever since the advent of technology, the dependency on web-based information has multiplied at a phenomenal rate to an extent that life in the 21st century comes to a standstill without the internet. So the question is why has it happened? Why are books increasingly serving the purpose of only occupying space on the shelves? Why Google has become the most important part of our lives?

[divider]Extensive Information[divider]

The answer is easy. Google has come as a blessing with the vast amount of information that is available in the form of hyper links. Google never disappoints its users because it rarely ever happens that Google does not have the answers. If something does not exist on Google, it does not exist at all. That is the power of Google in the minds of the billions of users.

[divider]Personalization of information[divider]

Google has become our personal source of information. This engine has become our radio, our TV, our library, our music store, our map, our telephone, and every other source of content we need to survive. Google gives us whatever we need; be it images, web pages, blogs, videos or any other medium of communication, Google has it.


Google offers convenience as compared to traditional sources of information. Given the choice to spend hours in the library going through tons of books to extract the relevant information or find immediate, concise answers on Google in a matter of minutes, anyone would choose the latter one. Google matches the fast-paced lives we have and it suits us perfectly.

[divider]Time-saving and efficient[divider]

It saves time and ensures efficiency. Earlier, when print culture was dominant, people had books lying all over the table and it consumed a great deal of time when the extracted information was then jotted down on paper. With Google, it is not the pages of the books that are marked; it is the useful hyperlinks opened in different windows. This method of extracting information has allowed us to organize our lives more skillfully.


[divider]Adapted to our new way of thinking[divider]

With the change in the style of living, people’s way of thinking has changed as well. Instead of having opinions derived from observation or wonderment, people’s opinions are now a reflection of the many articles they have read on Google or any other web-based source. Technology has crippled our brains because our mental skills are no longer exercised. It is like Google has become our external brain from where we derive all our thought processes.

[divider]Minimal information storage[divider]

With the tons of information now being outsourced, cloud sourced, and crowd sourced, our individual information storage has become minimal. We no longer rely on personal judgement to find answers, but look for a place to connect where we can ‘Google’ our answers. And that is how all our problems are solved.

[divider]Increased distractions[divider]

Another reason would be an alteration in our power of concentration. Distractions around us have increased tenfold. People are now looking to kill time on social media rather than enjoying a peaceful evening reading book. This is where Google comes in handy. It allows us to skim through information instead of having to go through books after books. The hyperlinks are like highlights that indicate what the information contains. Finding information then becomes excessively easy.

[divider]Online surfing[divider]

However, Google may have changed our habits; it has not necessarily changed our hobbies. Thousands of people still read. But now we call it surfing. Online reading has become a popular culture with the increasing importance of Google.

[divider]Easy availability[divider]

With the explosion of technology and social media like Facebook YouTube and Twitter, people are connected to the internet on the go. If you need to look up something, you do not have to wait to get to the library. Just type in what you need and the world’s fastest search engine will give you all the answers. Google has thus made lives incredibly easier for us.


Google offers versatility. It contains summarized information from thousands of different sources all offering different point of views. Google has a treasure of documents, information, articles, blogs that enhance our learning power and help shape our thoughts and ideas.

[divider]Increased exposure to the world[divider]

With the ever increasing use of Google, our exposure to the world has also increased tremendously. We can learn about foreign cultures, lifestyles, people, and places. The world has become a smaller place because of Google. The search engine has successfully connected us through news, events and other social aspects. It has brought people closer.

[divider]Personal blogs[divider]

Moreover, Google has become a medium of expression for many writers who need to voice their opinions. Google has provided these writers with viewers who read and appreciate their blogs or provide constructive criticism. It extends their reach far and wide, a feat that was nearly impossible to achieve using print media.

[divider]Discussion forum[divider]

It has become a discussion forum where people can debate on important matters and exchange thoughts and opinions. Thus, Google is not only about facts and figures. It contains rich content on people’s views that are always open to interpretation.

[divider]Keyword searches[divider]

Google has liberated us from the need to memorize pages and pages of information. Today, if we need to recall a passage, we do not need to sift through a pile of books to retrieve it. All we have to do is type in a keyword on Google, and becomes available with the blink of an eye. This is seen as a refreshing change from the time-consuming tasks we had to accomplish before Google became an integral part of our lives.

[divider]Balancing out the complexity[divider]

Lastly, in this fast paced world with technology becoming increasingly complex, our lives becoming increasingly challenging, and the world becoming increasingly disoriented, Google has come as saviour for billions of people. By giving us information on our fingertips, it has made our lives easier than we could have ever imagined. It balances out the complexity and gives us something to hold on to. It has become a helping hand no one is willing to let go.

Given these reasons above, it would not be wrong to say that the phrase, ‘Google it’ so often used has more depth than it may seem. In a world, where everyone is locked in a struggle, Google has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. It gives us assurance and credibility and helps us deal with the chaos because as of now, Google has answers to everything sometime even problems that cannot be out into words.

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