15 Top Websites to Learn AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework that helps you develop your applications by increasing their responsiveness and eliminating the need to plug in complicated codes. Mastering AngularJS will help you enhance the usability of your app and perform other functions that were deemed impossible in the tech-world. We are not strangers to the importance of AngularJS and know that how the learning source influences the learning process. This is why we have combined 15 websites that are ideal if you want to gear your AngularJS skills.

Recipes with Angular.js

Written in a fun to read recipe style format, this ebook is a collection of resources that help in learning AngularJS. Additionally, it also entertains the issues that web developers and designers face when using AngularJS. The issue is resolved and a solution is presented, followed by discussion.  The book is frequently updated by adding more concepts related to angular.js. In order to improve reading experience, the search option has been modified to make it easy to search topics. You can also ask questions in the comments section.


This site includes a tutorial on the AngularJS. It reaches out to the software professionals who want to become fluent in the use of AngularJS. The tutorial breaks down the fundamentals into simple and easy steps, and also provides appropriate examples in between. It is well-organized and makes the learning effortless and trouble-free. But you should have basic concepts of JavaScript and any text editor in order to take help from this tutorial.


A wide range of materials are available on this site in the ANgularJS learning section that you can benefit from. Blogs, posts, videos, ebooks, articles, etc, are at your service to help you in acquiring Angular knowledge.


Thinkster.io adopts a different style of teaching. Its aim is to develop your AngularJS expertise with the help of good quality content. It believes in a step by step process which is why the tutorials are separated topic-wise and supplemented with reading material.

Year of Moo

Year of Moo contains a bunch of detailed articles related to AngularJS components and how one can turn into one of its skilled users. This section is frequently updated as new features are added to AngularJS, hence, you can be assured that you won’t be lagging behind if you’re relying on this site for AngularJS education. It provides lectures on AngularJS animation, indexing, messages, etc.

AngularJS Tutorial by Todd Motto

Reading the ten thousand word article on AngularJS by Todd Motto will make you an efficient AngularJS user who is familiar with all the key concepts. The tutorial addresses the crucial topics in understanding the basics of AngularJS and also provides additional reading resources. This tutorial claims to turn you into a master in a single day. Why don’t you spare a day and give it a try.

Ng Book

This is an “in-dept, complete, and up-to-date” ebook on the subject of AngularJS. It is a quick way of being familiar with the concepts and becoming a pro-user. It walks you through good examples to explain the working of AngularJS, as well as deals with testing, coding, and performance-related queries.

Ng Newsletter

Ng newsletter has a guideline for those who want to learn AngularJS titled “AngularJS from beginner to expert”. It is a seven-step series. Moreover, there is a lot of other material available on the site that you should go through if you want more knowledge. This includes three ebooks on this topic and extracts from other books.


An excellent learning spot, egghead provides its learners with a myriad of videos containing lessons on AngularJS. The content is straightforward and includes tutorials on various AngularJS topics such as animation, validation, templates, etc. It is the ultimate place if you want a thorough knowledge of AngularJS working, delving into the nitty-gritty and finally emerging as one of its finessed users.


This site has a tutorial on “Intro to Angular” drafted by Curran Keller which explains the features chapter-wise by providing examples and also a “try it yourself” option so that you can assess your progress. Video tutorials are also available for further reference.

AngularJs On Codeacademy

This site is used by a lot of students who have no clue about the AngularJS functioning which is why it is perfect for beginners. Codeacademy is suited to you if you don’t mind the inclusion of coding in the learning process because this is how AngularJS is taught over here. It poses a number of challenges which you have to solve to ensure that you have grasped the concept. It will take you five hours to complete the course on this site and start using AngularJS to develop the apps.

Code School

Code School provides a complete package on this course titled “Shaping up with Angular”. It takes an interactive approach by dividing the course into levels and enforcing a practical application of what has been taught. Moreover, it also provides reading material and video tutorials to iron out any confusions. Code School is a very useful platform to build your skills.

AngularJS in 60 minutes

Dan Wahlin doesn’t believe in wasting time and speeds up your learning process by giving you tricks, tips, and insights of AngularJS. AngularJS in 60 minutes is downloadable text with videos that wipes away your confusion and answers yours queries related to AngularJS. An informative read with a humorous touch, this tutorial is an ultimate solution for the freshies.


Medialoot provides a simplistic post “Angular JS for Absolute Beginners” that covers all the important parts in fourteen steps and gives an overview in the summary section. Another great resource that is positively reviewed by beginners.


“AngularJS tutorial for designers” solves the issue that web-designers faced while going through other tutorials. Since most of the tutorials were aimed at developers, there was little that web-designers could from such posts. This tutorial stresses on the concepts that are important for designers and can actually use.

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