20+ Android Apps for Better Flight Experience


One of the extremely stressful experiences includes that of travelling, even if you fly very often. Indeed there is a list of things to be done from packing your own luggage to getting your boarding pass printed to checking your flight status to finding your way to the correct gates to even hailing a cab which is one of a hassle and can quickly result in hectic situations. We have all forgotten our bags back at home (this happens with all of us all the time), or have even sent our passport with our checked suitcases (bad scene!). However, all these are actually just some very scary memories all thanks to our selection of applications designed especially for travellers.

Whether it is the road warrior or the weekend getaway, our phones and tablets — like it or not — almost always stick with us. It just does not matter if it is for the purpose of business or if it is with the aim of giving pleasure. We almost always have to stay connected. Then why not make the most of these gadgets.

No matter how much you travel, you will be able to do all the tasks from your phone without a hassle: book a trip from A to Z, check-in and track your flight. You will still feel quite easy after your land, as we have also looked at apps to help you find your way at your destination, and communicate with locals without much effort required.

The acceleration of WiFi installations on board aircraft around the world in addition to the large number of passengers carrying one or more digital devices results in the creation of a momentum that sees many of today’s in-flight innovations focusing on digital developments.

We have collected these 20+ android apps for better flight experience with which you will feel more at ease than the locals at your destinations and your friends and family will definitely appreciate your ability to pick nice places to visit and dine.


[divider]Expedia Hotels & Flights[divider]

The Expedia Hotels & Flights app lets you view a beautiful itinerary of the trips you’ve booked in the app or on our website. As always, you can save up to 40% with amazing Expedia Mobile Exclusive hotel deals and then, use your phone or tablet to find the best flight to anywhere in the world. Download Expedia today.

[divider]Flight Map[divider]

Flight Map is a unique application that works as your own personal flight tracker (Sky map) while flying in an airplane. It shows where you currently are, speed, altitude and some other information about your flight. You can check the Estimated Time of Arrival of your flight while you are sitting on a plane. You can see how far from the target airport you are.

[divider]Tourist language learn & speak[divider]

This application helps you get around in a foreign country.

[divider]Agoda – Smarter Hotel Booking[divider]

Smarter hotel booking just got smarter. for Android – a world of hotels in the palm of your hand.

[divider]Restaurant Finder[divider]

Restaurant Finder offers a convenient way to find restaurants around you. You can search for restaurants nearby or type in an address or or zipcode.

If you are looking for restaurants, this app will find them for you. You don’t even need to type anything.

[divider]CoPilot GPS – Plan & explore![divider]

CoPilot GPS is the powerful free offline mapping, route planning and local exploring app from the developers of award-winning CoPilot navigation. It’s the ideal travel companion app for over 250 Android smartphones and tablets including Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One and Droid DNA.


Voted “Best Augmented Reality Browser” for the past 4 years in a row. Wikitude is your “third eye” and allows you to see things you wouldn’t normally see. Wikitude’s Augmented Reality connects you with the world around you in a completely new way – a truly exciting and immersive experience. By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and engage with your immediate surroundings. Get information on places, find restaurants, discover people and even play games – all through Wikitude’s field of vision.

Wikitude now provides you with an all new and improved camera view experience. By grouping some of the places in your sight, you now have a clear vision of your surroundings.


CheckMyTrip allows you to download and store your trips and their details (flight, car, hotel, train bookings, weather).
The application handles trips that are booked through the Amadeus Distribution System, which is used today by leading airlines and travel agencies.


AEROBILET is a simple and easy Mobile Travel Application, that includes all flights and hotels all around the world. You can easily search and book for flights and hotels through Aerobilet App.

[divider]Travel Interpreter[divider]

The “Travel Interpreter” is a talking, illustrated phrasebook which translates English words and phrases into 32 of the following languages: German, French, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Farsi, Catalan, Romanian and Ukrainian.

The app offers you the unique opportunity to communicate abroad without any special language skills, as it can simply speak the translation as required. Easily understandable illustrations make communication even easier.

[divider]WeHostels – Hostels & Hotels[divider]

The easiest way to find and book safe, fun and affordable hostels and hotels anywhere in the world.

Whether you are backpacking across Europe, exploring the outback in Australia, lounging on the beaches of Southeast Asia or trekking though South America, WeHostels is the quickest way to book a hostel or hotel on the go.


The #1 Mobile Travel App. Compares hundreds of travel sites to find you the best deal. Includes hotel, flight and car search and booking, flight tracker and itinerary management. And, of course, KAYAK is free.

[divider]FM Radio[divider]

Enjoy using Simple Mp3 Downloader ? Then you will love listening to Simple Mp3 Radio. You can Tune in to Internet Radio free from your Android Phone. Download the Simple Mp3 Radio for Android Now!

Huge List of Internet Radio Stations available from all over the world including United States, United Kingdom, India, Russia, Philippines, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Japan, China, Netherlands and other countries.


Airplane! lets you have all the fun the big boys have by flying your plane from airport to airport delivering cargo and passengers. No need to spend days in flight school.

[divider]FlightAssistant Beta[divider]

FlightAssistant is an aviation “moving map” GPS application.

[divider]Flight Info Free[divider]

Get all of your info either by talking to the app or keying in the desired flight’s number.

[divider]SAS Crew Guide CPH[divider]

At SAS, we love to travel; it’s our passion; it’s our business. Because of this, we have an in-depth knowledge of travel, none more so than our cabin crew and pilots; that’s why we decided to release a free App with a series of guides full of personal travel tips from our crew.


Flight Navigator for Pilots Handbook provides information on all phases of air navigation.
This app explains how to measure, chart the earth, and use flight instruments to solve basic navigation problems. It also contains data pertaining to flight publications, preflight planning, in-flight procedures.


[divider]Google Maps[divider]

The newly designed Google Maps app for Android phones and tablets makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots in town and the information you need to get there.

[divider]Expense Manager[divider]


TuneIn lets you listen to the world’s radio with music, sports, news, talk, and comedy streaming from every continent. Enjoy 100,000 live radio stations and 2 million podcasts, concerts or shows on your Android phone or tablet, all for free.


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