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20 Crucial jQuery plugins for Web Developers


We are no stranger to the fact that jQuery has made life simpler for web developers through its JavaScript library. So call this a tribute for we have decided to list twenty of jQuery’s plugins that are important for any web developer who intends on making technically-fluent forms, websites, or mobile-applications.



First on our list, so this is the Chosen One. When internet-users type data, this device triggers a drop-down list that matches what they have typed. This is a solution for creating user-friendly forms online with improvements in searching, filtering, and an additional feature of multiple selection that allows users to select and then search for another option as well.

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cool kitten

The main function of this plugin is to enable parallax scrolling. This interface is an important tool for web developers and designers for it helps build websites that are visually appealing, mobile responsive, and work efficiently.



Arctext is the answer to all of your text’s graphic related prayers. It makes designing the text in a curve simple by calculating the correct rotation, and then arranging the letters in that style. Arctext is useful for designing logos.



As the name suggest, you can build a layout that represents a grid. There are varying columns with rectangular boxes that can be easily dragged and dropped. This option makes shuffling convenient since other boxes adjust to any changes giving you full control to manage how your data is presented.



When there is a lot of content on your website, a scrollbar is needed to facilitate bottom-up and left-right movement. NanoScrollbar serves this purpose by inserting a scrollbar in your site. It is known for its simplicity. Users can also make adjustments to it.

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This plugin transforms pictures on a webpage into a gallery when viewed from phone. Because of CSS, it is able to adjust to different mobile device sizes. You can smoothly move from one picture to the next by swiping.

[divider]JQuery PointPoint[divider]


Web developers need to use arrows or some other form of direction for explanation related to their sites function. This is possible with jQuery Point Point. It can be used to notify the users when they have missed out a field while filling information.

[divider]Social Feed[divider]

social feed

This plugin updates you with current happenings by posting on your social media accounts. The layout has simplistic, but can tailored according to your preferences.

[divider]Percentage loader[divider]


Whenever the site loads, buffers, or refreshes we see a circle filling up. This is thanks to the percentage loader which makes it possible for internet users to determine how much more time they have to wait. A handy plugin that permits designing the animated loader in different sizes, colors, and style.



Tooltipster allows you to create stylish tooltips by making customization easy and also leaving you to decide what goes in it in terms of content. It works smoothly on both, desktop and mobile versions of the site.



JQuery is applauded for its creation of Gmaps plugin. It makes using Google Maps a smooth process without the need for extensive coding. Users benefit from a lot features such as zoom, coordinate labelling, markers, etc. taking reading maps to a whole new level.



Web applications and website can be made better by using this plugin and adding toolbars to aid site navigation. The toolbar can be easily customized, and the number of icons and the display can be adjusted.



With Caman you can improve the quality of your picture and make other changes with the variety of editing features that are up-to-date.



It puts a timer on your site or application that counts the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds left for an upcoming occasion. The plugin has been designed keeping in mind the need to put in simple codes in order to save time and increase user-friendliness.



A lot of web developers can benefit from this interface. Charts are essential for representation of data and are frequently used. No coding is required to use this plugin. Moreover, additional features such as zooming, image integration, updates, events, etc. are a part of it. Large information can be taken in and reproduced in the form of charts and graphs.



Spectagram is focused towards working with Instragram API more effectively. It is capable of getting recent publication by a user, currently famous media, tagged media, user’s feed, popular photos and tagged photos.



This permits a 360 degrees view of an object. In order to perfect this view, pictures of the object from different angles must be provided. The plugin will then combine them to provide an interactive visual. Three sixty degree rotation can be achieved by dragging the object, using arrow keys or moving the cursor.



Tubular gives you the option to add a Youtube video in the background. This plugin is limited to those web developers who intend on adding a video for information and marketing purpose, or an artistic appeal.

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You can use your creativity to edit the images by using this plugin to create a hover effect. It doesn’t require complex coding and is easy to use. Some of the effects include black-and-white, pop-out, and sliceDown.



A time-saving plugin that guesses what you’re going to write and lists suggestion improving user experience. It takes the idea from the Twitter search box. Typeahead is compatible with hardcoded data and remote data.


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