20 Free Motivating and Uplifting WallPapers

Take a look at your computer’s desktop? Is it bland and boring or does it motivate and inspire you?

If you are still sporting the pre-installed desktop wallpaper then you are most likely to experience the former. Its tricky to find inspiration, it comes to people in different ways. Some may feel inspired by quotes while others may find motivation and enthusiasm by looking at art, landscapes, architecture and even cute kittens. Here is a list of 20 free motivating and uplifting wallpapers to breathe life in to your desktop.

Stop Asking for Permission

1. Stop Asking for Permission

Such a bad-ass wallpaper. Perfect for the creative types or to awaken the artist inside of you.

Where to download: Wallbase

Work Outside the Box

2. Work Outside the Box

Explore the terrain outside your self enforced comfort zones. An inspirational desktop wallpaper perfect for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Source: Freelance Switch

Design Your Life

3. Design Your Life

Color and beauty is all around you. Use this wallpaper to remind yourself of the fun creativity offers.

Source: MyGFX

Be Original

5. Be Original

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Remind yourself of this everyday with this simple yet effective wallpaper.

Don’t Give Up

6. Don’t Give Up

Keep your desktop nice and simple with this neat Edison quote. Source: Wallbase

Make Time Your Own

7. Make Time Your Own

A wallpaper that has a calendar built In helps you keep in touch with time and stay on schedule. Customize the one above for the month of the year. Source: The Tasselflower Blog

Never Stop Learning

8. Never Stop Learning

The learning process is a lifelong one. Grab this school style wallpaper to inspire you to learn from each life moment.

Source: Inkdryer Creative

Stand Up for Your Values

9. Stand Up for Your Values

Get this inspirational wallpaper for the activist inside you.

Source: Wallbase

Abstract Your Mind

10. Abstract Your Mind

Sometimes, it good to stare at an abstract piece of art and just let it clear your mind.

Source: Bartelme Design

Stand for Something

11. Stand for Something

This is certainly a quote from the Hall of Fame of Inspirational Quotes to remind you of the bigger things in life.

Source: Desktop Nexus

Let the Imagination Rule

12. Let the Imagination Rule

Let your creativity flow with this amazing insight from Einstein.

Source: Wallbase

Live Your Message

13. Live Your Message

Let Gandhi be your inspiration and remind yourself to be true to your message everyday.

Source: World HD Wallpaper

Stay Healthy

14. Stay Healthy

Get that motivation to stay healthy with this amazingly green wallpaper.

Source: Smashing Magazine

Resist Illusions

15. Resist Illusions

This is only a perception of the wallpaper- and your perception of inspiration and motivation.

Source: DeviantART

Go All the Way

16. Go All the Way

Get this Budha Quote, to keep you moving until you reach that goal of yours.

Source: Wallbase

Find the Right Words

17. Find the Right Words

Ever tried to find a word for it? Know how to name your experience and have a big adventure with vocabulary.

Source: Desktop Nexus

Challenge Your Limits

18. Challenge Your Limits

Simple, cheerful and effective.

Source: DeviantART

Keep on Truckin’

19. Keep on Truckin’

No one can stop change and you be the cause of that change. Source: KnightsTavern

Have Fun With Fonts

20. Have Fun With Fonts

Why not find the perfect quote for your own inspirational quote? Source: Squidspot

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