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20+ Kickass Free Fonts for Designers

[ads1]Fonts play the most pivotal role in the quality of any design. Be it a logo, banner, flyer, header, or any piece of design in the world with a piece of text in it, a suitable font almost doubles the likability of it. Likewise, bad font selection is a major turn-off. Fonts complement minimal graphics superbly, and create the entire outlook of the design.

A good font speaks volumes about the designer/owner company.
Even designs with zero graphics and illustrations work-out well just with a mere help of a classy font used. Here are a few for inspiration:






Bariolbariol_font [divider]

Bebas Neuebebas-neue-free-font [divider]

Blanchblanch-font [divider]

Brassiebrassie-font [divider]ChunkFiveChunk-Five [divider]Distractordistractor-free-font [divider]Franksfranks-font


Gearedgeared-free-font [divider]GnuolaneGnuolane-Regular-font [divider]Langdonlangdon-free-font [divider]Mantekamanteka-free-font [divider]MetropolisMetropolis-free-font [divider]Museomuseo-free-font [divider]Packtpackt-free-font [divider]Rangerranger-free-font [divider]Saharasahara-font [divider]Seaside ResortSeaside-resort-free-font [divider]Serif Neuserif-neu-free-font [divider]SpringSteelspringsteel-free-font [divider]Uralitauralita-font



Written by Ali Zohaib

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.

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