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Have you ever wondered what you should do to create a real masterpiece? If it comes to art, you have to mix colors properly to create an outstanding picture. Concerning music – pleasant sounds and catchy tune, probably, would be enough. For sculpture it’s the perfection of forms. But all these require high skills and hard work of an artist.

But what about web mastering? You website may contain almost every element of art, and it’s crucially important to make these elements combined the best way. You may think that here comes another problem: you can’t make a masterpiece if you don’t have enough skills. Actually, you can get one for an affordable price.

When making a template for your website by yourself, you can’t say how exactly it will look like, the same about the functionality. In this case, you have two choices: to order a custom theme or to get a ready one. Despite the custom one may fulfill all your needs, you pay more and you wait longer. A ready-made theme is ten times cheaper and easier to install or to adjust.

Of course, it’s you decision, but here are some pros of getting a ready-made template:

[divider]Open-Sourced Platform


That means that Drupal is open source software that is maintained and developed by a community of over 500.000 users and developers. This way, Drupal supports the latest technologies the Web could ever offer to you.


Great Support


If there are some problems with your website and you can’t find a solving on the Internet – 24/7 support will answer all your questions and help with installing or adjusting the website. It is better to chose trustworthy and time-checked template provider in this case.


Affordable Price


Custom templates cost hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. You can get a ready-made theme for less than a hundred with easier management and the same high level of design.


Time Saving


While you will be waiting for a custom template to be done, your opponents will be already running their websites with a ready-to-use templates. It takes only several hours to get and install the theme, and the management is super simple.


Enormous Variety


There are literally tons of ready templates you can choose from. Hundreds of styles and topics. And every theme comes with a decent design and is fully responsive. Moreover you get the images the template goes with in your full disposal.

Enough talking, check out these 20 popular Drupal templates for your website. All of them are provided by! Thanks to those guys, you can afford yourself owning a real masterpiece of web design.



[divider]Juicy Steakhouse Drupal Template[divider]


No, seriously, who could ever refuse such a juicy steak? With this template even vegetarians would want to visit your steakhouse.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Professional Photographer Portfolio Drupal Template[divider]


Style and fashion. The only question that comes into your visitors’ minds is how this photographer can do such gorgeous photos? This theme presents your works the best way possible.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Real Jurassic Museum Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Despite the dinosaurs extinct 60 million years ago, don’t let your website do the same thing! Renew it with this modern Drupal theme.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Cartoon Studio Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Everybody knows already that you draw great cartoons, let them know more about how exactly you do it with this colorful website. Add an adorable mascot to the top of the template for greater effect.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Individual Education Drupal Template[divider]


Individual approach is always better in teaching, try to explain it individually to every visitor of your website.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Textile Industry Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Smooth like silk and practical like denim. If you’re a professional in your work, you should know what that means. Enough words.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Experienced Farming Drupal Template[divider]


You can’t allow farming to newcomers completely as well as to the excessively old-fashioned companies. Combine years of experience and modern technologies with this template.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Secure Airlines Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


The safest of all the transport means in the world. Ensure yourself in guaranteed success with this website.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Top DJ Page Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Red-letter day aren’t that memorable without music. Deliver pleasure to your clients’ ears with this theme.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Calm Yoga Drupal Template[divider]


You won’t even need to fold your body in order to manage your website. Dealing with it as well as visiting it as pleasant as meditation.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Improved Healthcare Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Your customers improve their health by changing the way they live. Improve the amount of them by changing the look of your website.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Hunting Club Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Our ancestors hunted animals since the dawn of the world. Even if it’s one of the oldest activities in our society – renew it by adding a modern approach with this template.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Solid Insurance Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Cover your clients with an umbrella if it’s raining, even if it’s raining with car accidents – your umbrella can save them all.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Diet Killer Shop Drupal Template[divider]


Only one glance at your website will mean the end of all the diets of the most of your customers. Everything is just so appealing!

Details |  Demo

[divider]Merchant Consulting Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Your clients are sure in what you do, be sure that your website won’t disappoint you as well as them. Get this one.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Meow Service Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


Deliver the best service for the fluffiest members of your clients’ families. They totally deserve it.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Auto Repair Drupal Template[divider]


You make your clients’ cars look like the new ones. Get a new website theme for yourself.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Drop Dead Beauty Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


This big lightbox in the centre speaks for itself – your works will present themselves while this theme will be the best frame for them.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Mui Bueno Italian Restaurant Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


The spirit of Italy is in everything connected to your restaurant. In this theme as well.

Details |  Demo

[divider]Dashing Management Responsive Drupal Template[divider]


If you help your clients to get on top without barriers, get yourself this reactive theme to fly over them.

Details |  Demo

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