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21+ Kickass Fonts For Designers (Newer)

Logos play an important role in contributing to the value of a brand or product. An overview of logo redesigns of popular companies of the world and new ventures alike will tell that simplicity and an educated font selection is the mantra.
Reiterating the ideas expressed in previous posts, fonts have indeed become a lifeline for designers and companies alike. In accordance to the overwhelming response on previous concepts shared, here are 21+ examples of what a good font can do to your design/logo/illustration/artwork.

[divider]1. Baron[divider]baron-free-font

[divider]2. Nexa[divider]nexa-free-font

[divider]3. Higher[divider]higher-free-font

[divider]4. Dooodleista[divider]dooodeilsta-font

[divider]5. Typometry[divider]typometry-font

[divider]6. The Quantum[divider]quantum-free-font-download

[divider]7. COCO[divider]coco-free-font

[divider]8. KiloGram[divider]kilogram-free-font-download

[divider]9. Muchacho[divider]muchacho-free-font

[divider]10. Stitching[divider]stitching-font-download

[divider]11. Navia[divider]navia-font

[divider]12. Multicolore[divider]Multicolore-font

[divider]13. Nougatine[divider]nougatine-font-free

[divider]14. Zwodrei[divider]zwodrei-font

[divider]15. QUB[divider]qub-font

[divider]16. Sketch-Gothic[divider]sketch-gothic

[divider]17. Villa Didot[divider]villa-didot

[divider]18. GRN-Burgy[divider]GRN-Burgy



[divider]19. Drop Type[divider]Drop-Type

[divider]20. Brooklyn[divider]brooklyn font

[divider]21. 47[divider]47-font-free

[divider]22. Origram[divider]origram

Written by Ali Zohaib

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.

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