45+ Best personal HTML5 CSS3 template designs


With the unparallel advancement in technology and software design people have become pretty bored with the current limits of the best HTML CSS. With the introduction of HTML5 CSS3, technology has once again taken a creative direction and impressed people with the incredibly amazing HTML55 and Css3 template designs. The hub of these template designs has extended tremendously with many websites offering free HTML5 CSS3 templates. Almost all of them are free to download and use without any limitations or obligations. To help you get inspired and started, you have to choose the web design that best fits your purpose. This can become an increasingly difficult and time consuming task due to the depth of variety on the internet. Hence, ready-made HTML5 CSS3 design templates have become one of the most sought after resources within the web design community.

These template designs have mainly gained popularity because they offer a quick and easy, ready-made solution for a static website. They also offer a useful avenue for exploring beautiful codes and acquiring new techniques. These templates are compatible with the basic framework of any web project. To help you make your projects extra ordinary, we have put together a list of over 45 Best HTML5 and CSS3 Template Designs. All these templates offer something unique. Not only are they beautifully built but they will certainly live up to your expectations and come in handy in all your projects.

HTML5 has taken the internet to a new era. HTML5 and CSS3 are both standard coding languages that are used in web designs. The best part is that these HTML5 and CSS3 templates have been tested for a number of platforms and screen sizes. These templates can fit a wide variety of purpose. From online shopping to online photography, from commercial to personal use, from small to big scale company products, from adventure websites to social service providers; these templates can be used for any and every web purpose.

They contain a lot of dynamic features such as various interface elements, personal portfolio options, appealing color schemes, exciting grid style of elements and what not. All these personal templates are very easy to customize and work perfectly in all major browsers, and support devices including mobile phones, tablets, iPads and PCs. They are designed for multi-purpose use, are completely responsive, retina ready and full to the brim with features. They are the best available option to showcase your work creatively to potential clients and employers with interesting manner.

So go through these amazing template designs and create the most attractive website ever! They are developed according to the latest technologies and can perfectly fit any corporate, business, agency, personal or promotional website. There is absolutely no limit to what these designs can do. Name a purpose and these templates can help you fulfill it. Start browsing and you will definitely find what you’re looking for and that too of the best quality and superior style.


[divider]Avalon – Commerce Multipurpose HTML Theme[divider]

Avalon - Commerce Multipurpose HTML Theme

[divider]Flipping Page & One Page Site Template[divider]

Flipping Page & One Page Site Template

[divider]Standalone Creative Portfolio HTML Template[divider]

Standalone Creative Portfolio HTML Template

[divider]Monsieur – Responsive Multipurpose HTML Template[divider]

Monsieur - Responsive Multipurpose HTML Template

[divider]Orane – Multipurpose HTML5 Template[divider]

Orane - Multipurpose HTML5 Template

[divider]Bureau – Single Page Parallax HTML Theme[divider]

Bureau – Single Page Parallax HTML Theme
[divider]myFolio – Personal Portfolio Template[divider]

myFolio – Personal Portfolio Template
[divider]Awesome Photography/Portfolio Template[divider]

Awesome Photography Portfolio Template
[divider]Makers – One Page agency & Portfolio Template[divider]

Makers – One Page agency & Portfolio Template
[divider]Shelby – Simple OnePage Personal Portfolio Template[divider]

Shelby – Simple OnePage Personal Portfolio Template
[divider]Cleany – Blog/Portfolio Template[divider]

Cleany – Blog Portfolio Template
[divider]Mixer – Responsive One Page Template[divider]

Mixer – Responsive One Page Template
[divider]Meliora – Responsive One Page Themplate[divider]

Meliora – Responsive One Page Themplate
[divider]Agenzio – Ultimate One Page HTML5 responsive Theme[divider]

Agenzio – Ultimate One Page HTML5 responsive Theme
[divider]HealthPro HTML Template[divider]

HealthPro HTML Template
[divider]Gala – Responsive, Unique & Clean HTML5 Template[divider]

Gala – Responsive, Unique & Clean HTML5 Template
[divider]Jollyque – Onepage Portfolio HTML5 Website Template[divider]

Jollyque – Onepage Portfolio HTML5 Website Template

[divider]Jollyone – Onepage Portfolio HTML5 Website Template[divider]

Jollyone – Onepage Portfolio HTML5 Website Template pink

[divider]BigStream – One Page Multi-Purpose Template[divider]

BigStream - One Page Multi-Purpose Template

[divider]Top Class – Multipurpose HTML5 Responsive Template[divider]

Top Class - Multipurpose HTML5 Responsive Template

[divider]Eon – One Page Responsive Theme[divider]

Eon - One Page Responsive Theme

[divider]Lantern – Responsive Wedding Template[divider]

Lantern - Responsive Wedding Template

[divider]Profiler | Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template[divider]

Profiler  Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template

[divider]Gravity Mobile App Landing Page Responsive (HTML)[divider]

Gravity Mobile App Landing Page Responsive (HTML)

[divider]Tallinn – Clean Photography Template[divider]

Tallinn - Clean Photography Template

[divider]Minimal Folio – Responsive Portfolio Template[divider]

Minimal Folio - Responsive Portfolio Template

[divider]Tinybear – App & Software Landing Page[divider]

Tinybear - App & Software Landing Page

[divider]Magellan – Clean Multipurpose Template[divider]

Magellan - Clean Multipurpose Template

[divider]avaloo – One Page Creative Agency Template[divider]

avaloo - One Page Creative Agency Template

[divider]Couponia – Coupons & Online Shop Template[divider]

Couponia - Coupons & Online Shop Template

[divider]Traveler – Multipurpose Booking Template[divider]

Traveler - Multipurpose Booking Template

[divider]TakeAway – Restaurant & Online Food Ordering[divider]

TakeAway - Restaurant & Online Food Ordering

[divider]Phoenix – Minimal Multipurpose Portfolio[divider]

Phoenix - Minimal Multipurpose Portfolio

[divider]ELEGANCE – A Simple & Elegant Creative Portfolio[divider]

ELEGANCE - A Simple & Elegant Creative Portfolio

[divider]Maximus – Multipurpose Business Template[divider]

Maximus - Multipurpose Business Template

[divider]Kurr – responsive onepage resume portfolio[divider]

Kurr - responsive onepage resume portfolio

[divider]SixtyOne – Responsive Hotel Template[divider]

SixtyOne - Responsive Hotel Template

[divider]Pacific – NonProfit Template[divider]

Pacific - NonProfit Template

[divider]Downtown – Restaurant HTML Template[divider]

Downtown - Restaurant HTML Template

[divider]Daycare – Responsive Kindergarden HTML Template[divider]

Daycare - Responsive Kindergarden HTML Template

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