45 Top Responsive One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


The web design industry has witnessed the popularity of one page WordPress themes especially among portfolio owners and designer agencies and it seems that this new trend is here to stay. It has become the most powerful CMS platform on the web. So what exactly is a WordPress theme? A one page WordPress theme displays content on a single page. This content can be displayed either vertically or horizontally and the visitor can navigate the page mostly through the mouse wheel. These themes that are especially made for sites powered by WordPress have gained considerable recognition in the market. One of the reasons for WordPress’s quick establishment is its user friendly approach. It is extremely easy to set up and is can be used to create a website hosting blogs, personal, portfolio and corporate sites. Moreover, they are pretty handy and one of the best ways to showcase your work online since a stylish and attractive design of the website always appeals to the users. WordPress can help you achieve the desired look you want with your website even if you have minimal website coding experience. You can make significant changes to the look of your website, change the arrangement of pages and the way content has been laid out including the aesthetic features such as fonts, colors and backgrounds.

WordPress has gained tremendous popularity because it was introduced as a convenient alternative to designing themes from scratch. A lot of people running blogs or personal websites are not software oriented and for them these WordPress themes came as an easy choice to showcase their work in the best possible manner. With their simplicity of use, these themes can now be availed by designers, artist, photographers, creative business and creative professionals and anyone else wishing to get their work noticed in the best quality.

They have become common phenomena on the internet. Despite that, it is still hard to find ‘the one.’ You know the perfect theme that will live up to your expectations and fulfill your dreams for your blog and put you in the mood to write. But finding the theme that best fits your requirements is a time-consuming task. Granted, there are thousands of free WordPress themes on the web, but free themes often lack the quality and creativity you are looking for.

However, with their increase in popularity, many designs of WordPress have come to the surface. Most people want to capitalize on this new content management system making quality WordPress themes hard to come by. WordPress themes generally tend to have a great disparity in quality from one another.

The WordPress theme is like an outfit that makes WordPress look better. It is a visualization of an individual’s style that provides convenience and functionality. It is the best alternative to designing a complete website from scratch for beginners. It allows you to take control of the website without your web adminstrator’s help.

So are you looking for one page, clean WordPress themes for your blog, portfolio or personal website? Or simply searching for coolest themes on the web to add to your freebie collection? In any case, we have put together an interesting list of 45 cool one page portfolio WordPress themes. These themes are enough for you to get started on your projects. They are the latest designs available in the software market that are waiting to be downloaded.

The list below contains responsive, premium quality WordPress themes with advanced themes options, dozens of short codes, several portfolio pages and a number of other unique features that allow you to build your own unique and professional website. These themes match all types of screen devices and highlight your texts, images and graphics creatively allowing mechanics to fade in the background. They are visually appealing, innovative, carefully built, and are planned with attention to optimal topography. You can easily edit these themes to suit your needs and grab visitor’s attention with these clean and free themes.

Responsive themes are those which are built to resize and realign themselves to cater to the different screen sizes of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. You will no longer need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.

The demand for high-quality responsive WordPress themes is pretty high and people are always looking for some interesting and appealing themes so as to make their blogs and website look more attractive. However, not every blogger or site owner is code-literate or design-savvy, but everyone surely deserves to get a responsive design for their site.

So what are you waiting for? Go through these incredibly amazing free themes that are ideal for almost any kind of work in any kind of profession. We have something to offer to everyone. You will not return disappointed. Get started on your projects and choose any of the themes below. They are all retina ready, and are highly diverse. From a fixed navigation menu to portfolio post types, from a high resolution to easy to use backend options, from control specific features to advanced options panel, these themes offer it all. With a focus on glorious design and advanced, fully customizable functions, these themes will make visitors fall in love with your work. They are designed to create impact and get the message across. Your time spent searching the best theme ends here. You have finally come to the right place. We offer themes that are nothing short of perfect. Start browsing and you’ll understand.



[divider]1. Master


Master — Our newest WordPress theme is full of modern features. It could be used for different type of sites: landing page, creative agency, business company, portfolio and many others.

[divider]2. SCRN[divider]


SCRN is a one page responsive portfolio wordpress theme. Perfect to promote your work or your business. Is compatible with all modern mobile devices.

[divider]3. Brooklyn[divider]


Brooklyn, a truly one page parallax WordPress theme with more than one face. No matter if you use it as a photographer, travel / web design agency, nonprofit / environmental organization or even as a music / video producer. You can easily turn it into your personal website.

[divider]4. Jarvis [divider]


[divider]5. Sturlly[divider]


Sturlly is a creative, clean and professional one page responsive theme. It contains different options, pre-made layouts for different businesses and other extra pages like blog and coming soon.

[divider]6. Cone[divider]


Cone is a responsive portfolio Onepage WordPress theme for the professional creative. It looks amazing on all types of screens and devices.

[divider]7. Me[divider]


[divider]8. Patti[divider]


Patti is a modern and elegant One-Page WordPress Theme, perfect for creative people, suitable for any type of business, built for any needs.

[divider]9. Arvin[divider]


Arvin is a highly responsive web building tool that will help you create visually appealing web pages built on WordPress.

[divider]10. Scalia[divider]

[divider]11. 907[divider]


[divider]12. Credenza[divider]


[divider]13. Grata [divider]


Grata is made for artists in broad sense.






















































[divider]32.Greenwich Village



[divider]33.Modern Vintage


Modern Vintage
















[divider]39.One Click


One Click






Simple Flex













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    It is simple, clean and professional multipurpose theme and also one page theme.

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