5 Must Have Accessories for Your Laptop


Whether you use a laptop for leisure or have acquired one for professional work, your laptop will underachieve until you equip it with these 5 below mentioned accessories. They will not only increase your productivity, but will also contribute in maintaining the health and well-being of your machine. Be it designing, gaming, programming or merely surfing the web away, these accessories will help in everything you do.

[divider]1. USB Mouse [divider]Mouse

Trackpads are an essential part of a laptop and do serve their original purpose of making a computer usable on one’s lap. But, no matter how good and comfortable you are with them, they make life a little slow and difficult. Designers would know, using Photoshop or Illustrator with a trackpad is a pain in the neck. Same goes for gaming. For people who aren’t either of the two, you will notice that a prolonged and persisted use of the trackpad at times ruins the chrome coating over it or creates a circle of ruined area due to constant contact.
A USB mouse is widely available and affordable. It’ll help working faster and efficiently. A USB mouse with a retractable cable will relieve you from untangling long wires.

[divider]2. Cooling Pad [divider]


Most laptops these days, apart from Mac, have exhaust fans either on the sides or below them. Prolonged usage heats up the laptop dramatically. It can also result in damage to the hard disk. Cooling pads are also readily available. They consist of a small chamber where a fan runs with the help of USB power. On a lighter note, the only inconvenience a cooling pad causes is the occupation of a USB port on your laptop. It will help cool down your laptop’s temperature and increase performance.

[divider]3. Silicon Cover [divider]


Most of us have the habit of eating while using the laptop. No matter how careful you are, food titbits eventually deposit in the cavities of your keyboard. Also, a prolonged use will ruin the print and skin of your keys and give your laptop a very worn out and dirty look.
Silicon covers are available in all colours and designs and help keep the keys breathing underneath.

[divider]4. Power Plug Converter [divider]


The most common problem, especially outdoors, is finding the right socket for your laptop’s charger while the battery breathes its last. AC power converters from 2 to 3 pin and vice versa help relieve you from this hassle and plug chargers wherever you want. A must have essential!

[divider]5. USB Keyboard[divider]


Although silicon covers do help protect laptop keyboards, it is still inconvenient to use them if you write or code. The laptop surface on both sides of the trackpad remains in constant contact with your wrists, causing chrome to wear off or official seals from manufacturers to come off.
A USB keyboard will help here. Simply plug one in, keep your laptop at a distance, lay back and mount the keyboard on your lap and work. Also very helpful when using the laptop on a work desk or a computer table.

Make use of these 5 simple yet essential accessories and increase your and your laptop’s productivity to a great deal!


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