5 Best Social Bookmarking Website for Web Developers


Almost every other blogger in this world publishes content with a mere objective of bringing in an influx of organic or referral visitors. There are many ways by which this objective could be achieved. Some are easy ways, whereas, some are difficult, but within this chasm of easy and difficult ways, there exist some worthwhile ones, too. One of a brilliant way to get adequate traffic is the submission of articles/posts in link directories. Unlike website directories, these link directories or social bookmarking websites operate by displaying links of different posts from different websites submitted by the registered users. Since these directories are already obsessed with a surge of genuine traffic, they ultimately send high referral traffic to the displaying links of different websites. It is guaranteed that your website is going to receive tons of traffic if your link is promoted to the front page of these social bookmarking platforms. As of now, I’ve come across 5 best social bookmarking websites for web developers which can substantially boost the referral traffic to your article.




Dzone is perhaps the best social bookmarking site that accepts almost all the links relevant to web designing and development. Dzone has recently made it appropriate to submit links of humorous content.

Links submitted are first displayed under the section of new links for primary review by the registered users. Primary review is conducted in terms of voting, views and clicks. Links receiving a good primary review are eventually transferred under the section of popular links which is also the front page of the website. As soon as the link is moved to the front page, a constant impetus of visits is experienced on that particular link till the links from new links take the place.

[divider]Design Float


Design Float
Design Float is next to Dzone for its prolific results. The system is quite similar to Dzone. It is also divided under two sections. Initially the links are categorized under ‘upcoming’ and as soon as they are promoted, the links are transferred to the front page.
Policies to accept the links on design float are a bit strict. Moderators does not allow every link related to designing and development to freely float on the website.





Reddit is the biggest social bookmarking website that provides a space not only for the links related to web development and designing, but provides far more diversities. Like all the websites, Reddit also requires registration before accepting the links.
Though reddit is a social bookmarking site, but it strongly discourages the submission of links from your owned website and considers it as blatant spam. Therefore, try to be choosy while posting on reddit.



Technorati is a blog directory along with being a link indexing forum. The website works on the same synonymous system. With some minute differences, Technorati is a leading social bookmarking website.

[divider]Graphic Design Junction


Graphic Design Junction
Graphic Design Junction is growing as a social bookmarking site. It is fundamentally a designing resource site, but as a supplement it has integrated an option for others to share news with them. The links on the website are approved by the moderators and are displayed in ‘submit news’.
Though, this website is not as famous as the above ones, but I’m sure submission on this website ensued an arrival of very good traffic to your website.

Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.


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  1. Please add Friendsonloc. Friendsonloc is a social media platform for sharing photos and video but its also a bookmarking site because it enable posting title.description, keyword and url for every photo or video posted.

  2. As web development company this is the best bookmarking list i found. But Technorati have changed their style. May be they are not allowing bookmarks. Please update this. and also add few more good bookmarking site. I will check your post again. Thanks mate!

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