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Lets face it. Some of us aren’t really that enthusiastic when it comes down to going out to shop for others. Like most of our problems, the internet has also provided a solution for this dilemma. There are numerous websites online that let you buy gifts for you loved ones and also to send them saving you much of a hassle. We have listed the top 5 websites best suited for this task.

[divider]1. Lottay[divider]

Whether you want to receive a gift or give one, Lottay makes the whole process of gifting so much easier by combing use of wish lists and PayPal. Whether you’re looking to give or receive, web site Lottay makes the whole gift process much easier by combining the use of PayPal and wish lists.

Registration on the site is needed to send and receive. Once you register, you can start making a wish list, send a friend a gift or even may send them a suggested gift.

You can start a running tab of the things you want by wishing for a gift. Enter the name of the item, a short description of it, some images, its price and you are set. If you are a potential gift giver, you can send the wisher the full amount or part amount of the price. Also, to give a gift, you would be required to fill out information about the recipient- their first and last name, and email address. You can pay for your purchase through Paypal, Credit Card, cash or personal check.

[divider]2. Present Bee[divider]

This web app combines the power of social media to make the gift giving process easier. The Present Bee app searches your interests of your Facebook friends’ to come up with gift suggestions. It also lets you ask mutual friends for their opinion. Once you feel like the suggestion matches the interests of the person on the receiving end, sending the gift is just a click away.

[divider]3. Givvy[divider]

Givvy is another website which uses the power of Facebook to your advantage. It harnesses the special occasion data regarding your friends ( birthdays, anniversaries etc) and matches it with product recommendations from curators and Facebook friends.  The result is an online gift source experience sourced from Facebook.  Highly recommended gift recommendations usually come from the Givvy curators. You can also post your own ideas and create a personal wish list to share with family and friends. When shopping for gifts, you can even find gifts by personality type- for instance you may finding a gift for an artist or a hipster.

[divider]4. Giftly[divider]

Giftly is another platform for  electronic gifting which sends the funds of the goft giver directly to the prepaid, debit or credit card of the receiver. The location where the money can be used can be either specified by the giver or the recipient can be completely free to choose where to spend it.  You can send gift cards to your friends and family members as gifts which they can use to go to a restaurant, watch a movie, go shopping and even mire. The recipient can also chose the best method of receiving the funds: either as a payment to their Paypal account or as a credit their credit or debit card.
These ultra-personalized gifts can be send through Facebook, email or normal mail. The gift card can be redeemed by presenting the smartphone receipt at a location of the receiver’s choosing.

[divider]5. From A Birdie[divider]

This is a very simple, yet special way of sending memorable gifts. The From a Birdie website invites people to write letters for a family member or a shared friend, These memories, photos, well wishes are collectively uploaded by the Group in an Album of Letters. All you need to do is specify a delivery date for the recipient to receive it and be delighted!


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