5 Things That Make a Facebook Page Popular


The world’s largest social network is not just about social networking individually. Ever since Facebook rolled out pages, most of the world’s celebrities, politicians, artists etc. made their own presence over the network effective with the help of these pages. If you have recently started a Facebook or plan to do so, here are 5 things that you have to focus on no matter what, in order to make your page popular:

[divider]1. Name, Profile Picture and Cover[divider]

These 3 are the first one looks at when one comes across a Facebook page. A good name is essential in creating the right market for you. Whether it is a small business, a start-up or a just for fun community, a catchy name sets the right tone for your page’s identity.
The most important thing one looks at after this is the profile artwork. By this we mean the profile picture and the cover image. A state-of-the-art logo is the first thing you should look for.
Ever since Facebook introduced timelines, cover images replaced landing pages for Facebook pages. You cover is like a billboard right on top of your premises. You can make the best use of it!

[divider]2. Language[divider]

Being professional is extremely important in the world of cyberspace. Since you aren’t present physically, your only mode of communication is what you write. Proper language, grammar, spelling, courtesy play an extremely important role in keeping fans hooked on to Facebook pages.

[divider]3. Content[divider]

This is a very vast area which we will detail in another post. In broad strokes, content is the live wire of your page. It keeps your page from dying down and brings new people on board, engages existing people. Your content should be smart, well elaborated, specific according to the niche of your page and creative.
Make sure that your content follows current trends and popular culture. Incorporate global sporting events, festivals etc. in your content in order to make it more attractive and engaging for your audience.

[divider]4. Fan Engagement[divider]

Fan engagement essentially means the likes, comments, shares that your fans carry out on your page. The more fans engage, more people will come to your page. Also, Facebook features your page in suggestions to people with this. There is a reason why famous celebrities like Eminem hold Q&A sessions on their pages and answer fans personally!

[divider]5. Responsiveness[divider]

Your Facebook page requires attention. The message option on your option allows fans to interact with you. Feedback, business enquiries, suggestions, fan/hate mail all inundate the page inbox. Responding to all the fans on the page will keep them hooked, feel important and appreciative. Try writing a query to any huge brand on its Facebook page and see how its social media team promptly responds.


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