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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making as a Blogger


Time is a scarce resource. We all know that. It always will be. We know that, too. And with information everywhere, it is imperative that you treat your readers’ time with respect when they give it to you.
What all I mean to say is that since blogging has become so common nowadays, it is wise to make the most out of it. But we, as bloggers, make a whole lot of mistakes due to which we tend to lose a good amount of audience. Most of our blogs are not at all attractive. Instead they are filled with boring information that only wastes the readers’ time. Not only this, there are various other mistakes that we make and this very post is dedicated to making you aware of them.
This article lists 5 mistakes you might be making as a blogger. As we repeatedly say, you can always add on to this list. So do comment!

[divider]You Run An Image Without Any Caption[divider]

When you begin writing your blog post, you should always use an image, a really amazing one, to get hold of the reader’s attention immediately, right?

Absolutely right!

But why? (You might be wondering.)

Don’t you know that when people spot images, their eyes naturally drift down?

It is very true. Even the studies suggest this.

So since this eye-dropping behavior is implied into our genetics, we should NEVER publish an image without an interesting and a persuasive caption.

This implies that if you fail to put a caption right under your image, people may not read anything else. Heck, they may not even read the very first sentence of your post let alone read the whole post!

This will get totally horrible. One should be very careful when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention.


[divider]Your Articles Are Too Full Of Complexities[divider]

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

–          Leonardo da Vinci

However, most people take its opposite to be true; they think that complexity is an indication of academic achievement, intelligence, or sophistication.

Rid yourself of complexities and begin respecting other’s time. Always remember that a sophisticated blogger makes use of metaphors to illustrate abstract ideas; he/she tells simple stories to explain complex concepts and appreciates the time of her readers. And his/her success lies in this only.

[divider]You Publish Daily[divider]

You do not need to publish daily. You might only be overloading other’s inboxes. Do not waste people’s precious time with an endless stream of blog posts. It is often thought that when you write daily, you write crap because you do not have good quality content with you all the time. Only write when you have something to say. Your audience would rather read one post that inspires them than 20 crappy posts with recycled content.

Now, your choice.

[divider]For You, Word Count Is The Most Important[divider]

This happens with us all the time or at least most of the time:

We keep staring at our computer monitor. At the bottom left hand corner we see we have written 537 words. We wonder what else you can write.

The purpose is not to write enormous posts comprising of 1000 words. The aim is to communicate the message in the length it takes to fully communicate that message.

[divider]You Do Not Write In Plain English[divider]

Not everybody out there is as literate as you are. Not everyone has command over English Language like you have. When you keep this in mind, your articles will turn out to be read by more people. People actually demand simple posts that do not have a whole lot of difficult words and phrases used.

Difficult vocabulary leads to a loss of interest in the readers. Who wants to keep checking the dictionary after every line? Well, I do not.

The point is that write in plain English and convey your message easily. It will consume less of your time, too.

Blogging can be great fun all the same and it is an ideal learning experience for you if you are a budding writer, a knowledge-nik who has a lot to share on a topic or hobby, or you are just keen to encourage people to see things your way! Avoid these mistakes and success will come your way.

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Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us .For promoting a website on web ,blogging plays vital role for boosting targeted traffic .It’s not necessary to post more than one article daily.Better to use words that are easy to understand for all the readers .Content has to be unique .

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