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The power of WordPress lies within its plugins. Its core version can be used for a content website as well as for a simple blog. However, your website would obviously lack a range of features without plugins and therefore will become susceptible to spam and malicious attacks. WordPress has, will and always continue to be a dominant Content Management System (CMS). Pretty much every WordPress site relies heavily on plugins with the purpose of added functionality.

You can face extreme difficulty when you begin finding plugins that you need when you have over twenty eight thousand free plugins listed in the official plugin directory and almost thousands of them in the premium plugin stores, such as Code Canyon.

These widget plugins by WordPress are very much used in WordPress websites and, like short-code plugins, they are used with the aim of adding features and content in a flexible way without you needing to  perform any coding. Most blog themes for WordPress comprise of fixed widget locations and features to add lists of posts and categories in the sidebar. While this is okay in most of the cases, more power is required at times to build a website that is unique and eye catching.

You can always use plugins specifically designed to help you add and move around widget areas and control what widgets to display and when. This will inject more flexibility and power into your WordPress website. All you need to do is to find a number of cool widget plugins for adding the feature and content you require.

In this article, I have listed what I believe to be the best 55+ important WordPress widget plugins available over the internet. I am fully aware that there is a lot more out there and I may have missed a few good ones. Please let me know if I did and I will consider adding them.


[divider]Extended Google Analytics for WordPress[divider]

Extended Google Analytics for WordPress

It’s never been easier to add Google analytics and event tracking to your websites. This in combination with a campaing url generator tool makes a powerfull WordPress plugin to get the most out of Google Analytics.


[divider]Popular Posts Bar Widget[divider]

Popular Posts Bar Widget

[divider]Custom Widget Areas for WordPress[divider]

Custom Widget Areas for WordPress

The plugin recognizes your themes default sidebars and allows you to replace them, as well as allowing you to set individual sidebars for basically any template in WordPress: Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Categories, Archives, 404 Page, Search Page, Attachment Page, Tag Page and Author Page.

[divider]WordPress Widget Bundle[divider]

WordPress Widget Bundle

Widget bundle is a combination of the 9 most used widgets/shortcodes for WordPress. Every widget is very easy to style because you can make custom views/templates for every widget. This bundle is essential for every WordPress website.

[divider]Testimonials for WordPress[divider]

Testimonials for WordPress

With this plugin it’s possible to create/collect/manage and show testimonials of your clients and users. The plugin consists of a Custom post type were you can manage your testimonials.

[divider]News Widget for WordPress[divider]

News Widget for WordPress

With this plugin you can display news from one or more RSS or Atom feeds. The news can be displayed with one of the 4 views I’ve included, or you can create your own view so you can customize how the news items are shown.

[divider]Twitter Ultimate-Wordpress Plugin[divider]

Twitter Ultimate-Wordpress Plugin

Twitter Ultimate is a user friendly , highly customizable wordpress plugin to display realtime twitter feed for the search word / username / list entered.

[divider]Fancy Text Widget[divider]

Fancy Text Widget

[divider]Tabs Widget for WordPress[divider]

Tabs Widget for WordPress

This plugin creates a new WordPress widget to display a tabbed panel with different content types on your site, from recent or popular posts to your latest tweets from your Twitter timeline.

[divider]Widget Ninja[divider]

Widget Ninja

[divider]Amazon Hotlists For WordPress[divider]

Amazon Hotlists For WordPress

This plugin provides enables you to display the top 1-5 products for an Amazon browsenode (a product category). There are four list types to choose from: Bestsellers, New Releases, Most Gifted and Most Wished For.

[divider]deviantART Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin[divider]

deviantART Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

This widget show your latest deviant gallery or favourites deviant. Just enter your deviantART username and make a couple setting to the widget, then you are ready to show people your latest deviant or the favourites.

[divider]Authors Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin[divider]

Authors Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

[divider]Twitter Trending Widget: A jQuery WordPress Plugin[divider]

Twitter Trending Widget A jQuery WordPress Plugin

[divider]Advanced Blog Authors Widget[divider]

Advanced Blog Authors Widget

[divider]Custom Post Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin[divider]

Custom Post Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

[divider]Advanced Categories Widget[divider]

Advanced Categories Widget

[divider]Better Related Posts Widget[divider]

Better Related Posts Widget

[divider]Posts By Taxonomy Widget Pro[divider]

Posts By Taxonomy Widget Pro

[divider]Advanced Links Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin[divider]

Advanced Links Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

[divider]User Profile Widget for WordPress – About Me[divider]

User Profile Widget for WordPress - About Me

[divider]Social Buffs for WordPress[divider]

Social Buffs for WordPress

[divider]Top Stories – Most Viewed / Recent Posts Widget[divider]

Top Stories - Most Viewed  Recent Posts Widget

[divider]WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin[divider]

WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin

[divider]Advanced Search Form[divider]

Advanced Search Form

[divider]WP Easy News Scroller[divider]

WP Easy News Scroller

[divider]BMI and BMR Calorie Counter for WordPress[divider]

BMI and BMR calorie counter for WordPress

[divider]M7 Easy Accordion Menus Widget for WordPress[divider]

M7 Easy Accordion Menus Widget for WordPress

[divider]Easy Tab WordPress Widget[divider]

Easy Tab WordPress Widget

[divider]Real-Time Online Users[divider]

Real-Time Online Users

[divider]Weather Widget 3 for WordPress[divider]

Weather Widget 3 for WordPress



[divider]Opening Hours – WordPress Business Hours Plugin[divider]

Opening Hours - WordPress Business Hours Plugin

[divider]Smart Navigation Widgets[divider]

Smart Navigation Widgets

[divider]Smart Market Widgets[divider]

Smart Market Widgets 1

[divider]Mallard – Premium Pricing Tables Widget[divider]

Mallard – Premium Pricing Tables Widget

[divider]Uberwidget! WordPress sidebar & widget plugin[divider]

Uberwidget! WordPress sidebar & widget plugin

[divider]Pagemaker 2 : Live editing in your theme[divider]

Pagemaker 2  Live editing in your theme

[divider]Pollify – Simple WordPress Poll Widget[divider]

Pollify - Simple WordPress Poll Widget

[divider]Grouping Widget[divider]

Grouping Widget

[divider]Freelancer Widgets Bundle[divider]

Freelancer Widgets Bundle

[divider]Vaquita – Mega Accordion Widget[divider]

Vaquita - Mega Accordion Widget

[divider]Hello tabs wordpress widget[divider]

Hello tabs wordpress widget

[divider]Testimonials Ultimate[divider]

Testimonials Ultimate

[divider]J.B.News for WordPress[divider]

J.B.News for WordPress

[divider]J.B.Weather Widget 2.0 for WordPress[divider]

J.B.Weather Widget 2.0 for WordPress

[divider]WP Customer Review Stars[divider]

WP Customer Review Stars

[divider]Total Control HTML5 Audio Player for WordPress[divider]

Total Control HTML5 Audio Player for WordPress


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