6 Basic Ways to Increase Productivity


Work depends entirely on one’s productivity and, whether it is online or not, it can be enhanced with simple yet effective methods. Here are 6 basic steps that will help you bring a dramatic change in your work routine and produce:

[divider]1. Work in Intervals[divider]

Research shows that the average concentration span of a person is 40 minutes. Work for hours at a stretch, especially when it is aesthetic and creative, reduces efficiency and the quality of work. Intervals are important for maintaining focus. Do not spend a lot of time on individual work areas. Keep changing tasks and switching between priorities sorted in a timetable. This’ll help prevent boredom and mental exhaustion.

[divider]2. Sleep and Appetite[divider]

Sleep and appetite routines are essential for maintaining work efficiency and productivity. Usually work that requires mental effort and not physical, results in deterioration of health because of a lack of physical activity.
Procrastination and delaying of work results in sacrifices made on sleep, which overall effect the work. A minimum of 6 hours of sleep is essential in maintaining focus and keeping the mind healthy.
Eating habits also effect productivity. Some people have a habit of eating something or the other while working. This may cause obesity.
Also, when a person eats, the flow of blood is directed towards the stomach from other parts of the body. This is the reason why you may feel dizzy, lazy or unwilling to work after a meal. Make sure there is a gap between your mealtime and working time.

[divider]3. Motivation[divider]Productivity3

Motivation is essential in maintaining the push that is required in order to work. Set small targets for yourself. Maintain a daily checklist. Review your daily tasks and see what area you lack or are neglecting. This’ll not only help in improving focus, but also keep you motivated towards your goals.

[divider]4. Work Environment[divider]

Work environment plays a vital role in how your mind and body work. Working with laptops on beds, lying on uneasy and uneven surfaces, improper back support, disturbances, lighting, temperature, availability of essentials, cleanliness all contribute towards your productivity. Make sure you create an environment that is friendly for both your health and creativity.

[divider]5. Work Hours[divider]

Some people are, as human behavior specialists call, day persons or night persons. The time of the day when a person feels the most energetic and focused should ideally be adapted as the work period. If you have a daytime 9 to 5 job, manage your focus and energy by adjusting your sleep and leisure hours accordingly.

[divider]6.  Breaks are Essential[divider]

productivity 2

Taking a break between work intervals relaxes the mind, reduces anxiety and boosts productivity. For those who’re addicted, nicotine or caffeine breaks will help remain focused. Also, some music, a little game or two, social networking (only for a short period of time) will be of no harm.


Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.

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  1. Having a pleasing work environment definitely makes a big difference when it comes to productivity. On my end, I prefer working in a small loft-converted room. It keeps me away from common household distractions and so I get to finish more stuff by the end of the day.

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