6 Professional Music Recording Audio Processors

6 Professional Music Recording Audio Processors

It is a hard fact that a software cannot enjoy the monopoly for a long time. Rivals keep on launching softwares as soon as first of its kind is pioneered and released into the market. Same had been the case with Music Recording Audio Processors. Since 1997 many music recording softwares have consistently been developed and released publicly into the market, dominating one over the other. However, time has bring stability in the innovation process and now almost all of the prevalent Music Recording Audio Processors are of the same features and attributes.

Before moving further, I must state that since the authors of DesignPotato had mainly focused on topics relevant to design and development, this post could be a bit of a deviation for the past sequence. I have found 6 Professional Music Recording Audio Processors and wish to share them with you. All these 6 are exemplary with regards to the Audio Processors available today.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Everything affiliated with Adobe is a Magnum Opus and so is this Adobe Audition. Initially released in 2003, the software is widely used in recording studios for editing and mixing audio files. It is perhaps the best Professional Music Recording Audio Processor to this date.



Melodyne has changed the way music used to be recorded earlier. Vocalists have exploited this software in rectifying their recorded pitches and notes. Flat recordings can be tuned perfectly using this masterpiece audio processor.




Audacity is a very user friendly open source recording software. It lets you record, edit and play the audios. Unlike other audio processors, Audacity can be downloaded for free. Whereas, it performs almost all the tasks similar to premium softwares.



Sound Forge

Sony sound Forge audiostudio10_main

Antares Auto-Tune


Antares Auto Tune is the oldest of all these 6 softwares. It was initially released in 1997 with the release of upgraded versions, periodically. It was mainly used in pitch correction of the recorded audio tracks. The software has changed the style of recording the music. Despite having the negative criticism, it had been openly used and highly appreciated by the top notch musicians.

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