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6 Must Have Plugins for WordPress Beginners


WordPress is a world both dynamic and useful. From scratch, its utility can only be enhanced by making use of the most essential tools and plugins that make life what it is for WordPress wizards. Its is both too complicated and difficult for beginners to choose and select the most essential of plugins. Here is a list of 6 of the most important plugins for WordPress, in no particular order:

[divider]W3 Total Cache[divider]


Cache artificially saves content for future usage. This means that the next time you access a website, instead of downloading and opening the entire thing, it reuses cached content. Fundamentally it increases browsing and web-loading speed dramatically. W3 Total Cache is the best there is for doing this to your WordPress. Use this plug-in and you will see a noticeable difference in your site’s performance.

[divider]Contact Form 7[divider]


The existence of a Contact page is important for establishing a link between visitors and site owners for feedback, business purposes. Contact Form 7 is a plug-in that’ll help you set up multiple contact forms, edit and customize them; very minimalistic and easy-to-use.

[divider]Disqus Comment System[divider]


This is a tool for standardizing comments and discussions on your WordPress. The most important benefits of using it are monetization of your comments and making them SEO compatible. It can import your existing comments and stories. The only drawback, which is very minimal, is that it slows down your WordPress website slightly.

[divider]Simple Social Buttons[divider]


These days, a website’s linkage with search engines is as essential as its linkage with social networks. An ideal internet entity is active over all social forums and provides an ease of access to these over its website. Simple Social Buttons will help with just that. These buttons will come in handy in adding Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc. access/sharing options to one’s posts.

[divider]Stop Spam Comments[divider]


Spam without doubt is the most bothersome bug over the internet world. Similarly, your WordPress website will be a frequent subject of this Blitzkrieg. Stop Spam Comments is the most suitable defence against this. Does not require any setup, remains invisible and still works really well.

[divider]WordPress SEO Yoast[divider]


Search Engine Optimization plays the pivotal role in the success of your WordPress website. In layman terms, it creates compatibility between the content of your website and search engines. Essentially makes your website appear in searches of related keywords and continues to improve its ranking. For this, WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most efficient and reliable tool one could get hold of; easy to operate and extremely responsive.


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