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7 Best Institutes to Study Web Development in North America


Skills can be learnt at home, simply through the internet. However, institutions are extremely important when it comes to acquiring knowledge regarding something. Why is it so?

The main reason being that institutes have highly-qualified and experienced teachers and professors present in it, who make your learning process interesting. Also, teachers help to clear your concepts and this, in turn, results in you getting a better hold on that particular subject of study.

Same is the case with the study of web programming and development: you can always learn it via the internet in the comfort of your home, but it will produce the best results only after you have learnt it through an institute.

You might be wondering that now you will have to begin with the hectic task of looking for a suitable institute to learn web programming and development. So, to ease out the job for you, I will be listing 7 world-wide institutes to study web programming and development. I am sure that it will prove to be of great help. Have a look!


[divider]Hunter College[divider]Hunter

Hunter College is an American public university in New York. It offers a certificate course on web programming. The primary aim is to teach the students how to develop a website on the internet. Among the many skills, Hunter College will provide you information about web design, web content development, web server and network security configuration. By the end of your certificate program, you will be able to create presentations of context which can be delivered to the end-users via the World Wide Web (WWW) or any other web-enabled software.

[divider]Bellevue College[divider]Bellevue

Bellevue College Continuing Education is a community-based, public institution which is located in Bellevue, Washington. It offers a complete suite of web development courses that can either be considered as independent units or taken as part of the college’s Web Development Certificate Program. Their courses are developed by respected and well-known web developers, managers and programmers in order to target the skills which are vital to today’s modern era.

[divider]British Columbia Institute of Technology[divider]BCIT

British Columbia Institute of Technology, more commonly known as BCIT, is a public institute of higher education in British Columbia. The Web Programmer program, or the Software Systems Developer (SSD) program, offered by BCIT is a 7.5 months full-time business application development program, which will teach the students web application development, programming, database and system’s analysis. However, the list does not end here. You can always look for more skills offered by BCIT over the internet.

[divider]Harvard University Extension School[divider]Extension School

Harvard University Extension School is amongst the twelve degree-granting schools of Harvard University. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Essentially, the school offers on-campus and online computer science courses. These courses cover programming, web development, software engineering, theory and a lot more skills. It also offers other programs and certificate courses which cover a number of IT courses.

[divider]Centennial College[divider]Cenete

Centennial College is the first diploma and degree-granting college of Toronto, Canada. It is properly named Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology. It offers a certificate named Web Applications Development Programming which is designed to provide students with common and current web development approaches.

[divider]Sheridan College[divider]Sheridan

Like Centennial College, Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is a diploma and degree-granting college located in Canada. The program offered by this college guarantees highly marketable skills in the field of information technology. It has dedicated staff which is constantly working to keep the program current within the rapidly changing world. Also, they offer a respected computer programming college credential which will open up ways for you in workplaces as well as for further study.

[divider]Hawkeye Community College


Hawkeye Community College is located in Waterloo, United States. Its Web Programming and Development program provides knowledge and skills about how to create dynamic websites. Students will learn a variety of web-related languages such as Java, HTML, PHP, etc. In addition to this, they will gain experience in database design, project management, basic computer hardware, desktop operating system, and other topics related to the web.

This is a rather tiny list of institutes for learning web programming and development. Surf the internet and you will come across millions of other excellent ones. The above mentioned 7, however, are considered the best colleges and universities. You should look up for them for sure and make a decision for yourself. All the very best!

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