7 Ways to Become a Professional Freelancer


Want a job, without going nuts about it? Become a Freelancer! Its work and play all together, providing you the perks of managing your own coffee refills. Seems like a brilliant plan to go with, no? Becoming a Freelance writer provides you the independence of generating big money, right out from your kitchen side table, without actually getting started with a business or a paid job at the office. Freelancing is gradually drawing professionals from various genres, like marketing, IT professionals, teaching etc. You can become a Freelancer without much hassle. All you need is a handful of skills for write-ups concerning different subject matters. And of course, a little bit of fun to kick start your newly found fad. Furthermore, freelancing is rather considered a hobby than a job, because of its easy going nature. It’s a delightful way to earn. No office politics, no pressure from the mean office boss or co-workers. You are the judge of the work you produce. Can it get any better? Go freelance! The trend of Freelancing is inevitably catching on, driven by the idea of it being an independent way to earn money, exactly how you like it. Freelancing most definitely takes you places, if you know the drill. Here are some ways in which you can manage your Freelancer with ease.

[divider]Plan Up![divider]

To begin with, it’s very important for you to organize your time according to the work you take up from different clients. Spare yourself the horror of unsatisfied clients and jot it all down. This reminds you to meet up with upcoming deadlines. This also helps you allot sufficient time for both, work and play.


[divider]Say No![divider]

In order to maintain the quality of your work whilst keeping your current clients satisfied, you need to keep in check the amount of work you can deliver. Learn to refrain from overloading yourself. Say no to unwanted clients!

[divider]Prioritize Each ![divider]

When dealing with a client, be precise while using a positive language. Although, never let your client off the hook without a feedback. Always remember, a good feedback means more clients.

[divider]Regular Check Up With Finances[divider]

Keep a check with your finances every now and then. Do not wait till the end of the year to examine the details of pay ups and invoices. Keep a current check and flow of when the money comes in and when it goes out. Be constant and thorough!

[divider]Notebook Check[divider]

Digital or old school; doesn’t matter what you carry as long as you’re carrying it. We brainstorm a lot of great ideas many-a-times, but by the time try to recall it, it is already fused with the Chinese order you made for dinner. It’s always better to grab a pen and paper and write up on the nasty thoughts up in the brain. It helps you later, big time!

[divider]Take Breaks![divider]

It’s necessary for you to take required break after every 2 hour of stressful writing to freshen up. Just to keep your vitals rolling!

[divider]Save Up![divider]

Be sensible with the inflow and outflow of the cash. It’s always better to spare a handful for a rainy day. Keep it wise, keep it running!

Written by Syed Ali

I'm a self taught web designer, experienced freelancer and an addicted blogger. Always remains ardent to get acquainted with new technology at the first opportunity.

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  1. Good list, although my version of IT freelancing (at the moment) involves full-time working on client sites. The disciplines of good money management, time management, and prioritisation work almost anywhere…

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