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    How To Create an Editable Vintage Text Effect in Illustrator CC

    In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how create a killer vintage text effect in Adobe Illustrator CS 6. Usually, text effects in Illustrator are not very dynamic and to copy an appearance from one letter to another becomes kind of a redundant job. However, in this tutorial, I will show you how to make use of the Appearance panel in Illustrator to preserve your created effect, which can later be applied to all types of typography.

    The effect I’m going to create in Adobe Illustrator is in fact created by IndieGround and available for download on GraphicRiver as a PhotoShop. You can check that out here. The final result would look something like this:

    1Firstly, create a new A4 sized and use pixels for measurement, that is what I’m using.

    Draw a rectangle and fill it in with the color #F2D5C1


    Now using any typeface, write any letter of your choice. I’m using Nexa Bold for this tutorial.


    Now select the appearance panel. You can open that from the Window Menu in the top bar.
    And add a white stroke of 2pt to the selected letter.


    We will now make use of the multiple stroke feature of the appearance panel to enhance the effect. Choose the add new stroke from the Appearance panel and add a 4pt strong stroke to the shape. Change the color to #54151D



    Now select the stroke added and transform it using the effects button next to add new fill button in the appearance panel.


    Choose 1px horizontal and vertical movement and make 20 copies to get the 3d effect. You can use the preview button to see the final result.


    Now add a new fill in between the two strokes and change its color to #D7303E


    To get the striped pattern in the fill area of the letter, we need to first create the pattern and add it to the swatches. To create the pattern, first create an square of size 200px. Then, create a rectangle of width 2px and height greater than 300px. Rotate the rectangular line at an angle of 45 degrees clockwise and align it to the left top of the square you had created. You can press COMMAND + U to open smart guides for accurate alignment.


    Now make a copy of that thin rectangular line and align to the right bottom of the square box. We would then use the blend tool to make line across the square to get our pattern.


    Select the two lines and goto object -> Blend -> Blend Options and select the Specified Steps option. Choose an odd number to get the pattern right.


    Then from the same menu select the Make Blend option to make the pattern. Expand the blend from the Object menu and move the created shape to the back by right clicking on the object or pressing COMMAND + {

    Now using the Path Finder tool, select the square the square and the patten and choose crop. You should get something like this:


    Drag this to your Swatches panel. To use it on the letter fill. Now select the letter and open its appearance panel to add another fill above the previous one with the pattern you just made.


    Now select the pattern fill and add a negative offset of -5px from the Effects menu.


    The only thing left now, is the extended shadow of the letter. Add that by creating a new fill of black and placing it right at the bottom. Change its opacity to 20%. And then add a transform to the fill with 1px horizontal and vertical movement and 40 copies.


    Now just add 2px offset to align the shadow perfectly.


    And with this the effect is complete. Here’s the final letter:


    You can save the appearance by using the graphic styles menu as shown in the image below:19

    Good luck!


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    How to evaluate the skills of a potential Web Developer?


    If you always go through this phase of how to test or evaluate the potential web developer while hiring one, we have got some guidelines for you on how to make this process easy for you. The one responsible for the success of web project is usually the CTO, project Manager or team leader but mainly the responsibility lies on the web developer, so choosing which web developer to hire is the most important task for any CTO, project manager or team leader. It is immensely important that they evaluate the skills of a potential web developer if they want their project to do wonders! You can find out for yourself if the web developer is as proficient in his work as he claims to be by using a web service known as ‘Tests for Geeks’.

    [divider]Tests for Geeks[divider]

    You can use this online testing service to help you hire the most competent programmers or developers for your project. Through ‘Tests for Geeks’ you can test the candidates’ skill and knowledge on a particular subject related to your web development. This way you will have quality time interviewing the potential candidates and the ones who lack the skills required for your web development will be immediately rejected. This is basically a filtering process. It will considerably save your time by ruling out the developers with less skill.

    Test for Geeks can serve as your first line of defense against sub standard developers. If you find this process of hiring a professional website developer to be a exhausting one because you have less idea about it and you want to hire a freelance developer from overseas but are worried that they might not be suitable for your company then Test for Geeks can fit all your needs.

    If you have apprehensions about the test having quality questions, you can sign up for a free account and take a test yourself. Try out this test and experience it on your own what type of questions is there in the test: https://tests4geeks.com/test/html-css-javascript

    If you are satisfied with the Test for Geeks questions, you can then test the potential web developers to be hired for your company.

    Transmitting the test to your intended candidate is easy. You select your preferred test (E.g. HTML & CSS & JavaScript), create a specific link and send it to your intended candidate. After the candidate is through the test, you will be notified by an email with a report card of the candidate’s test result.

    Employers can also publish the test link on their website without any extra steps. The candidate will enter the test by filling out their name and contact details when taking the test. You will still get notified of the result of each candidate via email.

    The pr service works in a few ways. Flexible pricing plans as well as very good discounts (up to 58%).  The basic price starts from $29.95 for 3 tests, which is the smallest package. You’ll get more discounts if you purchase a subscription plan of 3 months to 1 year which allows you to take unlimited tests for yourself or your candidates.

    Then, Tests for geeks also has the ability to use own branding.  Use your own domain name as well as logotype. The website developer will see it as your own skill testing service.

    It can also create a constant test link. For instance, if the company has a lot of capable programmers and they are not willing to create the link individually for each and every candidate, then they’ll have to create a constant link and publish it in vacancy or on the company website. This way, the Candidates will be able to specify their name and email.

    Here is a sample for the test report for checking the capability of potential web developer:

    Test for geeks

    Check the developer’s potential by the following steps:

    Test them if they can validate a code or not

    If they are able to write the right HTML and CSS code than they are capable enough to be hired.

    You can validate the HTML with the W3C Validator. You can Consider hiring them after debriefing them a bit or pointing out their mistakes if there are only 2 to 3 errors but if there are more than that then you definitely cannot hire them.

    Check if they know the technical details

    This can be done with the help of Seitwert, a site where you can look up for the technical details and analyze your website through many different ways. However, this website is only available in German language.

     Website should correctly display in the major browsers

    You don’t have to check the website in a browser that is not used often but there is a certain number of browsers are to be supported by a website. Check out the browsers which are currently being used by reading the W3C Schools Browser Statistics

    Once you have decided which browsers you want to check go to Browsershots for testing it.

    [divider]Other Things[divider]

    There are some other things as well that need to be taken care of,  like the website should use a proper, user-friendly CMS and the CMS should open so if the company doesn’t exist anymore you can find someone else to do further development. You can check if the Website use readable, search engine optimized URLs, for Bad use www.example.com/index.php, and for good, use www.example.com/topic. You should see if you can reuse the content if you wish to upgrade the website sometime in future and also if it will be easy to expand the website in future or not. The Website should be accessible for handicapped people and it should fulfill the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

    The chemistry between client and the developers is also extremely important. You both should have cordial terms with each other.

    In addition to all these, there are still some things to be checked and taken care of but the three steps mentioned above are the basics of a good website and they fully indicate if the developers knew what they were doing.


    The developer is doing a spot-on job if the website performs well in the above mentioned 3 main areas.

    There are lots of advantages for valid pages. Like, your Company’s website will be forward-compatible, so will have fewer issues adjusting your company’s website to latest technologies and multiple platforms. It will save your finance. Then, search Engines spiders such as Google and others will be able to understand the content of your Company’s site without errors, thus ranking your site better. It will get you increased traffic. Also, valid code is the first step for accessible pages, for web crawlers and for people with disabilities.



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    10 Top Tools for Code Editing and Collaboration


    If you are part of a coding project, either in a team or individually, you will need to know a list of resources or tools that will help you to edit code in real time without any local networks limitations. This article will help you find the best 10 collaborative coding editors for developers. These are some of the most useful resources for web developers for both online and web-based integrated Development Environments (IDE). Use these tools for developing any kind of web work that works in a simple and comfortable way with hypertext and style languages such as HTML, CSS, Script, JavaScript, PHP, and frameworks like Motools or jQuery, which helps users in executing code. Apart from this, in many of them, you can sign in to store and manage all your files in a history and some also offer interesting forms of collaborative coding. All these applications are easily available online and that too, free of cost!

    Following is the list of the top 10 tools for code editing and collaboration:



    People who like using Sublime, would no doubt like Codeanywhere as well. It is a well-put-together collaborative device. Codeanywhere works with almost every browser so it’s basically a multi-platform coding editor over the cloud. Connect and transfer your files through FTP, SFTP and FTPS if you want and the management of servers can also be through cloud. It is extremely convenient if you are working with a team because Codeanywhere helps you track any sort of changes made to the file so your other team members know if there are any revisions made.



    This is An interactive CSS playground and code sharing device created by Lea Verou. It saves to Github gists. Dabblet also makes CSS editing a lot easier.



    This one is a JavaScript component that will provide you a code editor in the browser. It will color your code, and might help you with the indentation too when a mode is accessible for the language in which you are coding.



    Cloud9 is a Powerful and adjustable cloud IDE for writing, running, and debugging your code. Keep your collaborations with your workspaces private or public as per your requirement!

    Cloud9 helps you to work in the cloud by using Ubuntu workspace. This is straight to the point, which also saves your time. They take care of the maintenance and through their cloud interface, you can code in real time which will feature a group chat box which is easy to retrieve.

    With Cloud9, You can also share your IDE, workspace, any running applications and showcase a preview of the work. The best part is that you can replay any edits made to it. This is something that won’t be available in any other collaborative coding editors. Moreover, language tools to facilitate coding, debugging to check over your apps, a split view with user interface customization, keybindings editor, even a built in image editor  are also some of the other features that Cloud9 offers. Different modes such as Sublime, Emacs and VIM can also be used.

    Plus, Cloud9 also have a blog which portrays their new updates. It is indeed very helpful if you want to check their developments and updates.

    You can join Cloud9 for free, and you’ll get a private workspace, 512 MB of RAM, 1.5 Gig Space and a FTP workspace. Then, there is a premium package of $19 per month. This package gives you 6 private workspaces, 1BG RAM, 5GB disk space, unlimited workspaces and FTP and infinite collaborators.

    [divider]Thimble, by Mozilla[divider]

    Thimble, by Mozilla
    This application allows you to create your own web pages as it is a WIDE.  This will also allow you to Write and edit HTML and CSS right in your browser and preview your work instantly. Once you have finished, you can then host and share your finished pages with a single click.



    Koding is a wonderful option for collaborative IDE/VM setup. It has an app known as Teamwork that will allow different users to carry out live editing. Koding.com is available in a $19 resource pack which also has 2x CPU, 2GB RAM, 10 GB disk, 10 virtual machines.Then, they have lots of packages according to every budget so you can subscribe the one which is more convenient for you.



    This is a sort of  playground for web developers, which edits online for web snippets. jsFiddle is also quite helpful if you want to isolate bugs. Lots of frameworks supported.



    Nitrous gives you and your team collaboration with your codes on the cloud via your web IDE, Chrome application or any other desktop editor such as Sublime Text, Textmate, depending upon your need and choice. The environment is cloud hosted so you don’t have to maintain the machine. This way you will be more productive and there won’t be any need to waste your time troubleshooting problems on your box.



    This is Collaborative JavaScript Debugging App. Create an account on GitHub if you want to contribute to jsBin development.



    This is the simplest, yet the most efficient tool! It is a very productive real-time browser editor it you want to share the code with your team. You will need to type your code on the site and then share your work with your team or whoever you want to, through a link, hence this is the most easiest of all the tools for code editing and collaboration. If you want to communicate any instructions, opinions, ideas etc. to any team member or partner then you can also avail the facility of video chat. The best part is that, it is free and functional.

    These are all of the 10 best tools for code editing and collaboration that will help you hopefully and will be of utmost use to you. In any coding project, these tools will not only be useful for you alone but also for the team on a whole as it will make communication easier, leaving less chances of errors. These tools will make this process so easy and will also motivate the team to get the coding done entirely from the start to the end.


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    How to Install WhatsApp on PC with and without Bluestacks.


    If you face this problem of installing WhatsApp on PC, it’s something we have got a solution for! Around

    the world people find it an frantic job to install WhatsApp on PC because on our cell phones we are too

    used to Application Downloading stores. While we don’t have such stores on our PC, we have the

    easiest way for you to download WhatsApp on your PC with or without Bluestacks. Follow these steps

    and you’ll have WhatApp on your PC with as much effort as you could have gotten it on your phone!

    [divider]Without Bluestacks[divider]

    Run WhatsApp on your PC without any software by this simple 9-step procedure:

    1. Go to manymo.com on your browser and sign up for a new account.

    2. Then you need to confirm your account by verifying your email address. Open up your email,

    you’ll find manymo.com email there. Click on ‘use this link’ from the email.

    3. Click on ‘Subscription’ on the left side of the manymo account.

    4. Then click on ‘Launch Emulators’.

    5. As you want to run WhatsApp on Emulator so click on launch with app.

    6. Then you need to download WhatsApp’s Apk file from WhatsApp.com.

    7. After completing the download, upload the WhatsApp.Apk.

    8. Now launch the emulator of your choice.

    9. After the emulator is launched, you have to register your WhatsApp account.

    [divider]With Bluestacks[divider]

    Run Whatsapp on your PC with the software ‘Bluestacks’ by this 4-step procedure:

    1. In order to download WhatsApp messenger on your PC, you have to download software

    called Bluestacks. Enter Bluestacks.com on your web browser and then click ‘Download

    Now’. Once you have it downloaded, install it.

    2. After installing it, go to ‘Start’ on your desktop and write ‘start Bluestacks’ and click on it.

    This will start your Bluestacks application loading for you.

    3. Once Bluestacks application is loaded, go to search bar of it and enter WhatsApp

    messenger. Click on the first suggestion that comes and that way you will have your

    WhatsApp messenger start downloading on the Bluestack application.

    4. You will then have WhatsApp icon on your Bluestacks application, click on it and register for


    Such an easy-peasy way to download WhatsApp messenger on your PC, with or without

    Bluestacks. All you have to do is pick either of the ways and follow the simple steps

    prescribed for the way you choose and it won’t be a fretful job anymore.


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    Effectively using 3D elements in web design to increase UX


    The battle between flat design and skeuomorphism (3D design) rages on and while different philosophies motivate each type of web design, developers are now working on creative ways to employ a balance of both.

    Flat design is simplistic, and hardly gets in the way of smooth browsing. We all know the ease that minimalistic designs bring with them, and as more and more people access websites on their mobile phones these days, it becomes all the more difficult to enhance the use of 3D elements to increase UX.

    Flat designs load quicker, but hey, what about the pop of emboss and texture that even a single 3d image can bring for an entire webpage? Digital design used to be all about the newest use of drop shadows and 3d textures that are eye-catching and stay in the mind of the visitor even when they leave the site. However, many browsers/mobile phones will fail to actively bring out the real design and take longer to load, and once the visitor feels his browser isn’t compatible with the speed your webpage needs, chances are he might not waste additional seconds waiting for it to load through every click.

    Here’s how to muster the courage (and creativity) to strike the balance between “real vs realism” and to play around with digital design intelligently enough.

    A web design agency’s job is lengthier, if not tougher, when it comes to the shrewd use of 3D effects and images in a way that manages to hold up the philosophy of simplicity from flat design, and doesn’t make the website hard to browse. Remember UX is all about keeping a visitor on your page for long, and that won’t happen if your shadows and texts are getting in the way of subsequent clicks. You don’t want to lose users to your passionately developed skeuomorphic designs, do you?

    Hold your 3D horses:


    [divider]Limit 3D design to just the home page[divider]

    On a number of new and improved webpages, we see the increasing trend of the use of a dominating 3D image on the landing page, and the rest of the website appears in flat design. This manages to keep logistics under control, and ensures that browsing is not hindered. RESULT: visitor stays on board.

    This could mean the use of a life size image, with a pop of bright colour that becomes an instantly recognizable brand image, and leads the visitor conveniently into the rest of the (flat design) website. Gaming and product websites make use of a gigantic image that is immediately identifiable as their product which leads the visitor to other features of the game/product.

    [divider]Scatter 3d images across the webpage[divider]

    Alternatively, you could opt for a few 3d effects and textures and use them all over the page. As a web designer, you have a level playing field and there’s plenty of room out there to show off your web skills. So why not jump into it and display smart insight into your own work?

    [divider]Navigation Tabs[divider]

    Making use of 3d shadows in the toggle bar/navigation bar at the top of the page gives the general impression of a creatively designed webpage. Even if the rest of the design comes out in flat images, the idea that the tabs are skeuomorphic, adds the perfect amount of zing.

    You could also make use of mouse-over and hover-over design effects to make the webpage all the more interactive. A popular way is to make use of neon colours on tabs as the visitor hovers over them. Each coloured tab could lead to a new page which would use a tinge of the same colour here and there. Creative much?

    [divider]Use of shadows[divider]

    Many flat images if shadowed on the main page, tend to add depth to the webpage. The use of shadows under images can give off a floating effect and bring a real-life feel to the images, but at the same time not over-doing the 3D fad.

    Images placed outside of the frame (commonly used in product websites such as cell phones etc.) also give the impact of clever design.

    Screenshot 2015-06-09 13.51.28

    [divider]Keep it real but simple[divider]

    To keep coming up with more 3D design elements that are both simple but don’t lack the oomph that you want your website to possess, focus on creating simplistic 3D parallax designs that trigger enthusiasm. Play around with the size and the placement of the 3D effects, and once you feel that the overall website is good to go, stop right there and avoid dumping it with too much design. A confused and misguided customer will not stay for long!


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    Best Online Websites to convert the Design to Code


    Converting PSD to HTML/CSS can be a long and hectic job, plus there is a higher possibility of errors to be made. Thus, we have some highly-regarded companies that can help you to  convert the design to code. They will do the conversion for you in return for a reasonable payment. Where all of these are reputable companies and can provide you the best converting design to code services, there are some which stick to PSD to HTML conversions, whereas others provide a variety of services. The Prices and turnaround times may differ from company to company so for that you’ll have to approach the company accordingly.


    All you have to do is send your design file to PSDgator. They will offer you a FREE review and consultation of the project in hand and then offer their solution, which will be paid work. Their services will be according to their development team which will be an outstanding one, where there will be clean pixel-perfect code, W3C complaint and compatible cross-browser. If you want your working website to be re-coded and re-sliced, PSDgator will do so upon request. PSDagotor’s additional services include responsive designs, Ecommerce solutions and plugin development. Moreover, PSDgator provides amiable customer services and quick customer service, which is the best of all!

    [divider]Direct Basing[divider]

    It provides a quick turnaround with individual and separate slicing. Your photoshop design can be converted into Joomla, WordPress or Magento. Direct Basing not only offers quality services but also affordable slicing services.


    This one is a complete-service software development company, where you will be provided with front-end engineering services including PSD to HTML and PSD to HTML5 conversions and Responsive web design. You can give them any standard design form and they will change it into hand-written, compatible, multi-browser compatible and pixel-perfect code only in 48 hours. Their speciality is that their main emphasis is on optimizing their code’s fast loading capabilities.

    [divider]Bloody hell[divider]

    Scared by the name of the company? Please don’t be! Because this company can be your ultimate helping hand by giving you cross-browser, SEO semantic, fast loading, pixel perfect and compatible conversions. The services they provide are PSD to HTML and CMS integrations. Also, they have a newsletter markup service which can help businesses do well. They have a one day turnaround and their supporting platforms include Magneto, Joomla, WordPress Drupal and email.


    Want to convert your design into HTML? XHTMLized provides front-end services which includes pixel-precise conversion to cross-browser compatible, semantic HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript code. Supporting services include design conversion to a fully functional website, including WordPress projects. If your marketing approach also includes Email, several options are available here, in addition to responsive layouts. Upon Request, Retina-ready support will also be available at which their development team members are an example of perfection when it comes to providing animation support.

    [divider]PSD to convert[divider]

    If you need handwritten pixel-perfect, W3C-validated code PSD to convert is the right place for you! They make sure that your code is absolutely bug free. Exemption from bugs is a top most priority for them, whether your project is PSD to XHTML, HTML Responsive, WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. They will also make sure that your code functions and display is correctly across all major browsers and platforms.


    PSDHTML.PRO’s output portfolio is an impressive one, where you can see some examples of design-to-code conversion. You can either submit your order and pay upfront for one of their standard packages, or wait for a specific quote. An extensive range of choices is provided, where most orders are processed and then the code is returned to you through email in a day. PSDHTML.PRO’s services include PSD to HTML, PSD to XHTML, and PSD to HMTL5/CSS3.

    [divider]PSD to Manythings[divider]

    This Company offers numerous conversion services. From conversion of PhotoShop designs to HTML code to delivering a variety of different types of markup for different themes, PSD to Manythings has it all! It has clients in more than 50 countries, and is credited for  more than 500 WordPress implementation projects, It has an overall excellent reputation. PSD To Manythings has been benefitted from Woo Commerce recognition. It is also known for being among the top 10 companies in the Design to Code Conversion industry. Apart from converting the design into a working website, they also cater to the ever-growing number of mobile users, and PSD to Responsive HTML conversion is among their primary offerings. It not only satisfies the conversion requirements, but also it upgrades and maintains the website upon request. This company is known for its deliverance of clean, SEO semantic, well-documented code, on time and that too within the budget.


    They provide Design to HTML/CSS conversions, and deliver top quality markup to their customers with reasonable prices. Their services vary from Responsive sites to implementing CMS platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Shopify, developing Email Templates, and providing retina-ready solutions. Upload the designs and give some specifications of the conversion, they will provide a quote and timeframe estimation.


    This company is best known for turning PSD to code and their customer support of 30 to 90 days after the order is placed. You can take Chop-Chop.org’s  services on an hourly basis if the project scope is still to be defined .They obtain any standard-format design file, and deliver hand-coded, SEO-compliant, HTML/CSS files to the email in basket in short order. Even though it is a premier software development company and a startup company of design to code conversion , Chop-Chop has its clients in about 30 countries.

    [divider]Reliable PSD[divider]

    This Company was initiated by an actual web design agency. Reliable PSD claims to “pick up the slack” when other companies can’t! According to Louisa Levit, ( co-founder of the company), they know what designers need better than anyone, because they themselves are the designers. Their service includes beautiful code written by a carefully trained team, and super-friendly services from the staff who completely understands the needs of freelancers and agencies.


    This company converts the design to code manually, where the results are 100% W3C compliant and cross-browser compatible. The company always works according to the NDA rules. In addition to the conversion, ExciteMarkup also offers CMS implementation, Ecommerce integration, Responsive design, and mobile templates. Also, they provide amazing services!

    All the companies are the best in their own ways! Choose the one which suits you more even though all of them provide excellent services with the best prices and turnround times. These are all real time-savers so choose wisely!


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    A Review of ZYNGA’S Flagship iPhone App – Texas Holdem Poker


    With over 10,000,000 downloads, and a rating of 4.5, Zynga Poker developed by Zynga has taken a gamble on gambling and it seems to have paid off wonderfully. This game occupies a space of 40.52 MB and allows the players to indulge in online gambling without the risk of losing their real world money. He only time a player is required to spend money is if he wants to buy new chips. And that too, is optional. This game is a shout out to all those poker players who do not wish to lose their actual live savings. However, the experience of playing poker is extremely real since the players are matched with other real live players sitting at the other end. With interesting features like, ‘poker team challenges’, the players can engage in an interesting match with their friends and keep the competition alive. The challenges provided by the app require the user to achieve a certain goal in a limited time. There is no limit to how many friends or co-players can win. As long as the goal is accomplished in the set time, everybody who accomplishes it wins. Another attractive feature for poker players is the flawless timing. The game neither moves too fast nor too slow. It just strikes the right balance at every round and the pace has been appreciated by many satisfied users. Moreover, the game visuals are attractive and smooth. These incredible features entice the players to keep coming back for more and move on to greater challenges in the game.

    In the game, the player has two options; he can play a tournament with eight or nine people or play tables with different blind amounts. Playing poker on the go makes this app even more attractive for many because of the ease, simplicity and increased interaction with different players.

    However, the app has many critical features. Zynga Poker crashes everyone it is opened at first. When opened for the second time, it works. There are also some glitches in the sound too which can turn out to be pretty deceiving for the players. The game has been experiencing some technical difficulties such as users not being able to sign in to the game, the players losing chips on account of the app taking out wrong players or the app freezing in the middle of the game. These flaws have caused many regular users to delete the app. Even though the app was updated, it seems the problems have not been completely sorted out.

    With more than 500,000 active users and over 10,000 daily install estimates, Zynga Poker is still among the top featuring app despite its many setbacks. This is because as compared to other Poker apps such as Poker rivals and Poker Palace, Zynga Poker is still the preferred choice of poker and keeps many poker-hungry players engaged to the interesting game.


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    45 Top Responsive One Page Portfolio WordPress Themes


    The web design industry has witnessed the popularity of one page WordPress themes especially among portfolio owners and designer agencies and it seems that this new trend is here to stay. It has become the most powerful CMS platform on the web. So what exactly is a WordPress theme? A one page WordPress theme displays content on a single page. This content can be displayed either vertically or horizontally and the visitor can navigate the page mostly through the mouse wheel. These themes that are especially made for sites powered by WordPress have gained considerable recognition in the market. One of the reasons for WordPress’s quick establishment is its user friendly approach. It is extremely easy to set up and is can be used to create a website hosting blogs, personal, portfolio and corporate sites. Moreover, they are pretty handy and one of the best ways to showcase your work online since a stylish and attractive design of the website always appeals to the users. WordPress can help you achieve the desired look you want with your website even if you have minimal website coding experience. You can make significant changes to the look of your website, change the arrangement of pages and the way content has been laid out including the aesthetic features such as fonts, colors and backgrounds.

    WordPress has gained tremendous popularity because it was introduced as a convenient alternative to designing themes from scratch. A lot of people running blogs or personal websites are not software oriented and for them these WordPress themes came as an easy choice to showcase their work in the best possible manner. With their simplicity of use, these themes can now be availed by designers, artist, photographers, creative business and creative professionals and anyone else wishing to get their work noticed in the best quality.

    They have become common phenomena on the internet. Despite that, it is still hard to find ‘the one.’ You know the perfect theme that will live up to your expectations and fulfill your dreams for your blog and put you in the mood to write. But finding the theme that best fits your requirements is a time-consuming task. Granted, there are thousands of free WordPress themes on the web, but free themes often lack the quality and creativity you are looking for.

    However, with their increase in popularity, many designs of WordPress have come to the surface. Most people want to capitalize on this new content management system making quality WordPress themes hard to come by. WordPress themes generally tend to have a great disparity in quality from one another.

    The WordPress theme is like an outfit that makes WordPress look better. It is a visualization of an individual’s style that provides convenience and functionality. It is the best alternative to designing a complete website from scratch for beginners. It allows you to take control of the website without your web adminstrator’s help.

    So are you looking for one page, clean WordPress themes for your blog, portfolio or personal website? Or simply searching for coolest themes on the web to add to your freebie collection? In any case, we have put together an interesting list of 45 cool one page portfolio WordPress themes. These themes are enough for you to get started on your projects. They are the latest designs available in the software market that are waiting to be downloaded.

    The list below contains responsive, premium quality WordPress themes with advanced themes options, dozens of short codes, several portfolio pages and a number of other unique features that allow you to build your own unique and professional website. These themes match all types of screen devices and highlight your texts, images and graphics creatively allowing mechanics to fade in the background. They are visually appealing, innovative, carefully built, and are planned with attention to optimal topography. You can easily edit these themes to suit your needs and grab visitor’s attention with these clean and free themes.

    Responsive themes are those which are built to resize and realign themselves to cater to the different screen sizes of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. You will no longer need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone.

    The demand for high-quality responsive WordPress themes is pretty high and people are always looking for some interesting and appealing themes so as to make their blogs and website look more attractive. However, not every blogger or site owner is code-literate or design-savvy, but everyone surely deserves to get a responsive design for their site.

    So what are you waiting for? Go through these incredibly amazing free themes that are ideal for almost any kind of work in any kind of profession. We have something to offer to everyone. You will not return disappointed. Get started on your projects and choose any of the themes below. They are all retina ready, and are highly diverse. From a fixed navigation menu to portfolio post types, from a high resolution to easy to use backend options, from control specific features to advanced options panel, these themes offer it all. With a focus on glorious design and advanced, fully customizable functions, these themes will make visitors fall in love with your work. They are designed to create impact and get the message across. Your time spent searching the best theme ends here. You have finally come to the right place. We offer themes that are nothing short of perfect. Start browsing and you’ll understand.



    [divider]1. Master


    Master — Our newest WordPress theme is full of modern features. It could be used for different type of sites: landing page, creative agency, business company, portfolio and many others.

    [divider]2. SCRN[divider]


    SCRN is a one page responsive portfolio wordpress theme. Perfect to promote your work or your business. Is compatible with all modern mobile devices.

    [divider]3. Brooklyn[divider]


    Brooklyn, a truly one page parallax WordPress theme with more than one face. No matter if you use it as a photographer, travel / web design agency, nonprofit / environmental organization or even as a music / video producer. You can easily turn it into your personal website.

    [divider]4. Jarvis [divider]


    [divider]5. Sturlly[divider]


    Sturlly is a creative, clean and professional one page responsive theme. It contains different options, pre-made layouts for different businesses and other extra pages like blog and coming soon.

    [divider]6. Cone[divider]


    Cone is a responsive portfolio Onepage WordPress theme for the professional creative. It looks amazing on all types of screens and devices.

    [divider]7. Me[divider]


    [divider]8. Patti[divider]


    Patti is a modern and elegant One-Page WordPress Theme, perfect for creative people, suitable for any type of business, built for any needs.

    [divider]9. Arvin[divider]


    Arvin is a highly responsive web building tool that will help you create visually appealing web pages built on WordPress.

    [divider]10. Scalia[divider]

    [divider]11. 907[divider]


    [divider]12. Credenza[divider]


    [divider]13. Grata [divider]


    Grata is made for artists in broad sense.






















































    [divider]32.Greenwich Village



    [divider]33.Modern Vintage


    Modern Vintage
















    [divider]39.One Click


    One Click






    Simple Flex













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    Sure Proof Ways to Protect Your Website Against Hacking Attacks


    Every now and then, we heard about staggering amount websites getting hacked or becoming victims of cyber criminals. The web world is jam packed with alarming stories of online players whose websites fell prey to the hacker’s attention. For any Internet property, security is a chief concern, and there are reasons for that. Hacking attacks have become common these days, and unfortunately, we are yet to discover that sure-fire way that helps us keep those vandals away.

    We are living in a digital age where people prefer to do online shopping, transfer money, and browse websites to access any sort of information. Websites play a pivotal role in our lives, and if they fail to match up the security parameter, then it would be a huge loss for both the visitor as well as the site owner.

    The advancement of hacking tools has further helped cyber bots to make inroads to your website, steal its information, and cripple its legitimacy. They can even gain back doors to your database and manipulate important information for their personal gain. Therefore, it has become crucial for site owners to step ahead and do certain things that help them beef up their website security. Though, no one can guarantee 100% security of a website, but still there are some set of tactics that one can follow to cover their website flanks and make it hack-proof.

    In this post, we are going to discuss about some useful tips on how to avoid getting hacked. The tips discussed below are actually very basic and will surely help you augment the safety bar of your website.

    Also, read our article on top 24 WordPress security plugins.


    [divider]SQL Injections[divider]

    No website is immune to hacking attacks, so make sure you have enough tools at your arsenal to fight them back. Depending upon the current version of your website software, SQL injection can cause you a lot of stress. An SQL injection is a kind of attack using which a hacker injects SQL code via a website form or URL parameters. These SQL commands can prove to be detrimental for the functioning of any website as they directly attack on its back-end data and leaved it exposed to potential attacks.

    SQL attacks can be extremely annoying, so updating a site frequently is all you can do curb them. You can also protect your files using Apache by inserting the following code in the .htaccess file.

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

    RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /


    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ – [F,L]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ../ [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} boot.ini [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} tag= [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ftp: [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} http: [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} https: [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} (<|%3C).*script.*(>|%3E) [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} mosConfig_[a-zA-Z_]{1,21}(=|%3D) [NC,OR] RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} base64_encode.*(.*) [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*([|]|(|)|<|>|e|”|;|?|*|=$).* [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(“|’|<|>||{||).* [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(%24&x).* [NC,OR]

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(%0|%A|%B|%C|%D|%E|%F|127.0).* [NC,OR] RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(globals|encode|localhost|loopback).* [NC,OR] RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^.*(request|select|insert|union|declare).* [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*wordpress_logged_in_.*$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$ – [F,L] </IfModule>

    The code will help you keep hackers at bay to a certain extent.

    [divider]Switch to SSL Certificates[divider]

    Any data that is transmitted between a client and a server must be encrypted to prevent cyber attacks. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a certificate that is used to maintain the sanctity of the information being passed between the user and the server. SSL acts as a token of faith that your customers can put on you, so make sure you stick to it. The certificate helps you authentic the identity of your website and thus make people trust you. For an added security layer, use an Extended Validation Secure Socket layer, a green bar URL, accompanied by a security seal to let your visitors know that they have landed on a safe website.

    [divider]Encourage Users To Create Strong Passwords[divider]

    Creating lengthy and complicated passwords always help when it comes to shunning bad guys. Therefore, it is always recommended to spend some time generating unique and strong passwords for sensitive areas such as admin. Being a site owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your customer information secure in the back-end, so it doesn’t make any sense to avoid it.

    Moreover, it’s equally crucial to teach customers about the importance of having a strong password whenever they create an account on your website. You can enforce some password requirements, by stating a required amount of number, alphabets, and special characters. Also, keep your password longer as it will curb hacker’s ability to burst into your website.

    [divider]Embrace System Alerts for Any Suspicious Activity[divider]

    Site owners can set up an alert or a notification system whenever they encounter suspicious transactions coming from a single IP address. Also, you can go about setting alerts if multiple orders have been placed by a single person with different credit or debit cards, phone numbers, or when there is no similarity between the recipient name and the card holder’s name.

    [divider]Make Admin Directories Unaccessible[divider]

    Another way hackers gain an illegitimate access to your website is by directly attacking on your admin directories. Providing direct access to your directories means, you have already made their job half-accomplished. Whilst securing your password is essential, it’s equally important to hide your directories so that hackers won’t leave rough spots on your site.

    Hackers generally use some scripts that help them scan all the directories presented on your web server. They put efforts to retrieve these folders and thus make your website vulnerable to security attacks. There are many CMS out there that give users a facility to alter their admin folder names depending upon their choice. It’s a recommended approach to minimize the possibilities of potential attacks.

    [divider]Monitor Your Site Continuously[divider]

    It’s always beneficial to have some robust analytics tool on board. It’s just like installing a security camera in a shop. Some popular tools like Woopra or Clicky are great when it comes to observing how visitors interact with your website and navigate around it. This helps you find out any sort of fraudulent behavior if exists. Tools like these can help you receive instant alerts on your phones, making it possible for you to take necessary steps in the quickest possible manner.

    [divider]To Wrap Up[divider]

    Keeping a website secure isn’t an uphill battle, all you need is to have grips with some practical tricks that allow you to brush off hacking attacks.


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    4 Best Websites to learn WordPress


    With the tagline “our mission is to democratize publishing one website at a time”,  WordPress is an open source and free blogging tool and a content management system, which powers more than 20% of the web. Through WordPress, one can easily build a blog or a website! Owing to the low barrier of using and working with WordPress (its free, and plans to stay free), any individual with an idea and time can develop a service or product on WordPress and start their own business. In fact, more and more people start using WordPress each day and their number of users keep on increasing.  Whether you plan to incorporate WordPress in your full time work routine or juggle it with social, volunteer and volunteer commitments, learning WordPress and even mastering it is within your reach. There are so many resources available on the internet for free, and whole websites dedicated to this process that you would have absolutely no excuse to not do so! All you need to do is to be able and willing to spare free time and be dedicated in the learning process. The result of this will be that you will master WordPress faster and quicker than you can imagine! Even if you already have beginner knowledge and know how to get about WordPress, there are resources available that can help you move beyond the basics so that you can start becoming a WordPress pro. The following best websites for learning WordPress, however, are more suited to fulfil the needs of a beginner. You really don’t need to feel apprehensive and nervous if you haven’t used WordPress before. Have a look at the best websites to learn WordPress below and learn all you need to know in a matter of days!

    Also, read our article on top 10 tips of writing a great blog post.


    [divider]1.WordPress TV[divider]

    WordPress TV is a heaven for all the beginners out there wanting to learn. The Website features recorded videos from global WordCamps and there are a multitude of videos to choose from, which you take you through the learning process systematically. The site can be easily searched for a specific video on a topic, and also watching someone explain through a presentation is more effective and engaging than a regular blog post that has to be read.

    [divider]2.WP Beginner[divider]

    Its always good to start from the basics. WP Beginner was created by Syed Balkhi and is the largest unofficial resource for WordPress on the web. It is updated on a daily basis with new how-tos and tutorials.  Although the main target market of the site are complete novices, any good developer can benefit from the interesting tips and tricks posted on the site.

    [divider]3.WP Mayor[divider]

    Similar to WP Beginner, WP Mayor also publishes How-tos and tutorials. The posts are generally a mix of beginner and intermediate stuff, with a few extra promotions thrown in at times.


    The WordPress  catergory of Hongkiat features a stream of list and how to posts, updated regularly, covering everything from how to locally install WordPress to 20 WordPress Plugins and Shortcodes you might want to try. This site is also worth reading to get theme inspiration and learn some tips and tricks.

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