A Review of ZYNGA’S Flagship iPhone App – Texas Holdem Poker


With over 10,000,000 downloads, and a rating of 4.5, Zynga Poker developed by Zynga has taken a gamble on gambling and it seems to have paid off wonderfully. This game occupies a space of 40.52 MB and allows the players to indulge in online gambling without the risk of losing their real world money. He only time a player is required to spend money is if he wants to buy new chips. And that too, is optional. This game is a shout out to all those poker players who do not wish to lose their actual live savings. However, the experience of playing poker is extremely real since the players are matched with other real live players sitting at the other end. With interesting features like, ‘poker team challenges’, the players can engage in an interesting match with their friends and keep the competition alive. The challenges provided by the app require the user to achieve a certain goal in a limited time. There is no limit to how many friends or co-players can win. As long as the goal is accomplished in the set time, everybody who accomplishes it wins. Another attractive feature for poker players is the flawless timing. The game neither moves too fast nor too slow. It just strikes the right balance at every round and the pace has been appreciated by many satisfied users. Moreover, the game visuals are attractive and smooth. These incredible features entice the players to keep coming back for more and move on to greater challenges in the game.

In the game, the player has two options; he can play a tournament with eight or nine people or play tables with different blind amounts. Playing poker on the go makes this app even more attractive for many because of the ease, simplicity and increased interaction with different players.

However, the app has many critical features. Zynga Poker crashes everyone it is opened at first. When opened for the second time, it works. There are also some glitches in the sound too which can turn out to be pretty deceiving for the players. The game has been experiencing some technical difficulties such as users not being able to sign in to the game, the players losing chips on account of the app taking out wrong players or the app freezing in the middle of the game. These flaws have caused many regular users to delete the app. Even though the app was updated, it seems the problems have not been completely sorted out.

With more than 500,000 active users and over 10,000 daily install estimates, Zynga Poker is still among the top featuring app despite its many setbacks. This is because as compared to other Poker apps such as Poker rivals and Poker Palace, Zynga Poker is still the preferred choice of poker and keeps many poker-hungry players engaged to the interesting game.


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