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How is Apple iPhone different from Samsung Galaxy

[ads1]A few months ago, people looked forward to buying the Apple’s iPhone. It was the most charming and stylish piece of technology amongst all the other cell phones that seemed dull and out-dated with its introduction. However, with Samsung launching its series of Galaxies, the iPhone lost its attraction and charm. A huge mass of people started preferring Samsung Galaxy mobiles and the former did not continue to receive any more attention. What caused this change in preferences? Let us compare and contrast both these smartphones.

IPhone is still a status symbol. Easy to use with one hand, the button feel of Apple’s device are all pretty much perfect. Galaxy, on the other hand, can be a stretch to reach across the screen with your thumb, people prefer it because of its removable back cover – something you cannot do on the iPhone – and its access to the removable battery and microSD card slot further adds to the list.

The Apple’s iPhone is indeed elegant, striking and possesses a design which is user-friendly, but a smaller screen – in comparison to Galaxy – looks relatively cramped. Also, iPhone loses the war with Samsung Galaxy when considering its resolution, which has a higher figure for its pixels per inch. Therefore, the Galaxy’s display wins the attraction taking into account its size, resolution and better contrast. Do not forget to appreciate iPhone’s easy-to-read screen even when it is under direct sunlight.

Now, talking about the performance, it is seen that both the competitors are almost the same in this aspect. However, with Galaxy’s prolonged use, people realized that the Apple’s iPhone worked a bit slowly. In addition to this, the camera for Galaxy was also found to be better than that of the iPhone with the latter providing a lesser mega pixel-ed rear and front snapper. The various shot modes further add to the former’s charms.


Furthermore, battery lives and storage capacities are also eminent points in this comparison. Unfortunately, both these smartphones suffer from a not-long-lasting-battery problem; both need a midday charge to keep them working until the end of the day. When contrasting the storage capacities, iPhone actually features more usable storage. Unlike the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy does feature a microSD card slot which indicates that the users have an option to further upgrade the phone’s capacity to store.

With the prices being pretty much the same for both, the above analysis shows why some of the Apple geeks turned toward Samsung Galaxy, which is amongst the most popular smartphones.

So, which one are you planning to purchase: South Korean’s Samsung Galaxy or the American’s Apple iPhone?

I hope that this article helps you in deciding what is best. Good luck!


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