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Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.

  • Introducing TemplateStudio – Perfect Place to Buy Responsive Magento Themes

    Magento has lately become, one of the popular choices, as the e-commerce solution by a large faction of web masters. So much so that “In November 2013, W3Techs estimated that Magento was used by 0.9% of all websites.{Source: Wikipedia}” which is quite a large number. Parallel to the increase in the use of Magento CMS, […]

  • 25+ Google Chrome SEO Extensions For Keen Webmasters

    Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role in a website’s success. It is that appearance of the website, on the very first pages of Google that can grow one’s traffic and in turn, revenue to the maximum. Therefore, it is essential for webmasters and bloggers to have a thorough knowledge of the art of search […]

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  • 85+ Redesigns of Famous Logos

    An established fact amongst marketeers worldwide is that the logo speaks in a way no other thing can, for a brand. Logos of some of the world’s leading companies are household pictures for a reason. The simplicity of some, the high-end design of some or simply the millions of memories consumers attach to them make […]

  • 10 Amazing jQuery Carousel Plug-ins

    Do you administer a web-page which triggers its audience by pictures & videos? Make amendments & pull out to your viewers now by using Jquery plug-ins! Jquery slides are now the most demanded in today’s market, providing designers with a major key tool to work with, helping them in adjusting content into a limited room, […]

  • 10 Most Affordable Iconography Ideas

    Mobile applications on smart phones and tablets or web stores have transformed us all, from humans to self-reliant puppets of iconography and graphics. However, well fashioned iconography and graphics permit us to use and function gadgets without additional instructions on the mobile device in question. Crafting and designing an App Icon is delicate art which […]

  • How to Get Approved For BuySellAds – Publisher Account

    BuySellAds is one of the top alternatives to Google Adsense despite the fact that it is not a PPC network. It is instead a premium marketplace for direct ad sales. Though they’ve got a very strict criteria for accepting websites, we however, luckily managed to get approved. (You can see the Ads in the header […]

  • How To Identify Any Font On The Web

    Web Designers looking for the newest and up-beat trends stick to bold and vibrant selection of font. Funky and chic typography always catches the eye. Everyday, we go through innumerable websites with brilliant typography and we wish to know what exactly the font used is – and that too without reading its CSS. “Fount“ is […]

  • How to Convert PSD to CSS in Adobe Photoshop

    It is always a redundant task to slice PSD’s into pixel perfect graphics and convert it into CSS code manually. This can be done automatically too. People using the newer versions of Photoshop(CS 6 and CC) can avail the built-in functions to convert graphics directly into stylesheet code. However, those with the older versions can […]

  • 21+ Kickass Fonts For Designers (Newer)

    Logos play an important role in contributing to the value of a brand or product. An overview of logo redesigns of popular companies of the world and new ventures alike will tell that simplicity and an educated font selection is the mantra. Reiterating the ideas expressed in previous posts, fonts have indeed become a lifeline […]

  • How To Record and Save a Photoshop Action – Photoshop CS6

    What is a Photoshop action? An action is a  set of commands(or one command) which are recorded to be used as single operation. Actions come in handy at times of processing photos in a batch. Any photographic effect can be achieved and set in these actions. In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how […]