Candy Crush Saga – An Addiction That Has Taken The World Over


With over 100,000,000 downloads and a rating of 4.5, Candy Crush Saga has become one of the most addictive games ever. This colourful game was developed by King, and occupies a space of 40.18 MB. With over 7,000,000 active users and more than 27,000 daily install estimates, this game has become a source of sheer ecstasy for millions of people worldwide. This app is free for users and allows update from time to time. The main focus of the game is crushing candies. As the game starts, many different coloured candies appear on the screen. The player has to move the candies around by bringing three or more of the same coloured candies together. As it happens, these candies are crushed and more drop down. For each level, the player has to accomplish a certain goal, such as achieving a target score, crushing specific types of candies in a certain time, bringing down ingredients or removing the jellies. As the level progresses, the player’s interest is piqued by the intriguing obstacles he is required to cross. Candy Crush Saga has more than 500 levels and at every stage, the player is left enthralled by the different surprises and difficulties that leave him wanting for more and keep him hooked on to the game for hours. However, the catch is that the player only gets five lives with a limited number of moves to cross as many levels as he cans. If he runs out of lives, he either waits for them to come back or he asks his friends on Facebook to send him lives so that he continues with the game. All this makes the players fall in love with the game. It is easy, fun and unique. It has captivated the interest of millions of users who are found matching candies and making these virtual treats disappear.

In addition, the game has a special power-up feature known as a booster than assist the player on clearing levels. These boosters can be collecting by spinning a wheel; when the wheel stops, the player is awarded one booster which could be a lollipop hammer that smashes one candy of the player’s choice, or the fish that swim across the screen and clear the candies that match their individual skin colours. These are one of the many items the player can unlock.

However, one thing that disappoints users is the time it takes to wait for the lives to come back. It breaks the rhythm when the game is disrupted and the player can only sit and wait to start again. Or some players buy lives when they get desperate enough to start throwing away cash. One more thing that has been pointed out is that the jackpot booster is almost never unlocked by spinning the wheel and the player has to settle for comparatively less appealing boosters.

However, all in all, the users are left captivated with this game to the point of frustration as once you start playing it, the rest of the world fades away and the player is sucked into the candy land happily crushing colourful candies and clearing levels after levels.


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