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    10+ Best Looking jQuery Mobile Templates

    jQuery mobile is a best of breed HTML5 powered user interface system that enables developers to come up with eye-catching templates that look graceful across a range of mobile devices. Webmasters make the most out of this technology to deliver impressive designs to a number of mobile devices and expect great end results. Templates built […]

  • 45+ Best personal HTML5 CSS3 template designs

    With the unparallel advancement in technology and software design people have become pretty bored with the current limits of the best HTML CSS. With the introduction of HTML5 CSS3, technology has once again taken a creative direction and impressed people with the incredibly amazing HTML55 and Css3 template designs. The hub of these template designs […]

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  • 30 Cheap-Yet-Good Web Templates

    You guys all know TemplateMonster, right? In case if you don’t, it is one of the biggest depots of website designs with over 50,000 of templates available for you. And do you know the best thing about it?Big sales are coming! Since the 18th of May till the 1st of June you will be able […]

  • 55+ Best Drupal Responsive Commerce Theme

    Responsive web design is a necessity nowadays. It has become very popular with time, too. A responsive theme (as the one used for this website) can be defined as an approach to web development which allows a site to break itself down smoothly across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms (be it a computer, […]

  • 6 Useful ways to make use Whitespace in Web Design?

    While designing the page of your website, you inadvertently end up with whitespaces. The question is not how to get rid of them? It is, shall we get rid of them at all? Web designers, especially those who have recently started working, are under the notion that the empty areas across the page are useless […]

  • 20 Crucial jQuery plugins for Web Developers

    We are no stranger to the fact that jQuery has made life simpler for web developers through its JavaScript library. So call this a tribute for we have decided to list twenty of jQuery’s plugins that are important for any web developer who intends on making technically-fluent forms, websites, or mobile-applications. Chosen First on our […]

  • How can you become an Expert UX Designer?

    If you want to be a UX designer that everyone looks up to, then be prepared for a whole load of work. A UX designer’s job is not limited to just making the product, he is responsible for the entire user experience. This requires him to research based on consumer’s habits and tastes, market in […]

  • Five Reasons Minimal Designs Lead to Maximum Results

    Minimalism has of-late been creating a lot of noise and the buzz suggests that it’s here to change web design and development forever. Are we expecting to much? Not really. For what it’s worth, minimalism has to potential to make maximum impact, and there are bona fide reasons to advocate the claim: Minimally Designed Websites […]