Five Reasons Minimal Designs Lead to Maximum Results


Minimalism has of-late been creating a lot of noise and the buzz suggests that it’s here to change web design and development forever. Are we expecting to much? Not really. For what it’s worth, minimalism has to potential to make maximum impact, and there are bona fide reasons to advocate the claim:Minimal

[divider]Minimally Designed Websites are a Beast When it Comes to Responsiveness[divider]

With no unnecessarily fancy elements added to the design, the websites with flat designs work in perfect unison with a range of OS platforms,browsers and, not to mention, the weaker Internet connections. The designs of the minimalist websites is not only easy on eyes, but it is also easy on the browsers and smaller screen sizes of the Smartphones that are replacing their larger counterparts thick and fast.

The page sizes of such websites is small enough for the page to load without any hassles on a server with not so great speed. User-friendliness is what it all boils to whenever you are selling a product or presenting a website for your potential customers to scroll through your services. A website that looks visually awesome and draws compliments for its amazing use of colors and complex patterns may not be the one that makes the same people stay on it. Users navigate across a ‘beautiful’ website once once. Thereafter, what matters is how user-centric it is. If it makes navigation a pain, it is compromising on the user-friendly parameter, and that alone is worth the price of rejection.

[divider]Navigation Comes Easier[divider]

With them being easy on eyes, the users don’t really have to squint to find the navigational structure like categories, sidebars and so on. Everything is right there, displayed in a neat manner for your consideration. The most noteworthy characteristic of a minimally designed website is that it is free of clutter. The users can easily find the information they are searching for, and this becomes all the more important on mobile phones with much smaller screen sizes. The flat designs are more equipped to adapt to the smaller-sized devices.

[divider]A More Authentic Vibe[divider]

Besides, with every piece of content easily accessible and visible, you are able to keep the fluff aside and inform your visitors appropriately on what you offer. The lack of glossy elements instill a confidence in your website’s visitors that your organization works in the most professional manner and isn’t pushy when it comes to selling.

[divider]You Have a New Dimension Added to Your Creative Side[divider]

Made with a concealed heart, the minimal websites can bring out a creative in you, the likes of which hasn’t been self-explored by till now. The art involved in creating a minimal website and making it look beautiful does involve a learning curve. But once you master the curve, you can be sure as hell that you will be equipped to create designs that will stand above the herd and grab maximum eyeballs for your website.

[divider]You Create a Website that is More Purposeful[divider]

Let’s admit it, when we are creating a website with several bells and whistles, we are only doing so to get some brownie points for the visual attraction, which may or may not have anything to do with what is the website aimed at. A truckload of fluff on a website is exactly that – fluff. It is not helping users by even an inch to understand your company, your values and your service vista.

With a minimally designed website, you only inject features and elements that represent your services for what they are. Even the puny little items added to the site stand for what the brand represents and you don’t need to over plot for the same. Stirring a string of magnificent designing elements and riot of colors would do exactly the opposite. In worse case scenario, you have designers who instead of creating a visually rich website, end up creating a tacky one.

The ‘less is more’ catchphrase is brought alive by this trend that is taking the web world by storm. The flat designs are here to stay, and not just for their attributes like responsiveness, user-friendliness, better speed and so on. Thanks to some designing folks who have quickly adapted to it, there is a slew of minimally designed websites that visually outshine their colorful counterparts, and in a manner most flamboyant.


Written by Maria Mincey

Maria Mincey is a prolific writer, who brings to the table a quantum of knowledge around Web Design & Development Services. She works for Xicom Technologies, a Software Development Company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

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