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  • 10 Most Affordable Iconography Ideas

    Mobile applications on smart phones and tablets or web stores have transformed us all, from humans to self-reliant puppets of iconography and graphics. However, well fashioned iconography and graphics permit us to use and function gadgets without additional instructions on the mobile device in question. Crafting and designing an App Icon is delicate art which […]

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    30 Free Responsive Magento themes

    30 Free & Premium Responsive Magento themes

    A Content Management System (CMS) which is particularly designed and developed with the purpose of fulfilling the need of eCommerce design in a website, Magento can be said to have actually set the trend of eCommerce facilitated website. I have this opinion more because it has, almost drastically, changed the application of eCommerce. Magento provides […]

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  • 20 Useful CSS3 Tools for Web Designers

    The induction and a constant progression of CSS has made a stride in simplifying the tasks of the designers. Websites built on CSS are far more light-weighted and stylish, a single ID and class can be re-used in a webpage absolutely without re-writing the whole script over and over again. The latest version of the […]

  • 20 Most Popular Responsive jQuery Plugins

    20 Most Popular Responsive jQuery Plugins

      jQuery has been a blessing for the developers community on the internet. Before its initial release in the August of 2006, web designing was really a painful process. Everything ranging from a simple menu bar to complex content sliders needed to be coded from the scratch, thus, consumes a lot more time than now. […]

  • 10 Best Websites to Download Free Icons

    Icons are essential for any user interface. Whether it is a website, a mobile application, a poster or any other design element, icons add up to their creative appearance. Most of the time, web developers and designers are searching for free icons which can take their designs or WordPress themes to the next level. If […]

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    Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website easily

    Every blogger has an eventual desire to receive appreciation for the article by the targeted audience. In doing so, bloggers practise different methods to promote their websites. The most common of which is immediately establishing a page on social media and inviting the friends to join the page. This over used cliche by bloggers and other web […]

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    5 Best Alternatives to Google Reader (Late)

    After the death of our dear Google Reader, many of its devotees are very depressed. So to ease out this RSS pain, this article is dedicated to help you all find replacements to Google Reader. Following are mentioned the 5 best substitutes to it: Feedly Feedly is one of the best option after the Google […]

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    Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Developers

    Google chrome has been a cynosure of web developers from a long time for getting attributed with myriad extensions. Sometimes,  it becomes really hectic to get the right add-on that fulfills your requirement. Majority of the developer’s populace remains insatiable with the extensions revealed from searching the chrome store; others, who get the right extension, […]