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  • 10 Reasons Smartwatches will outsmart Smartphones

    In this new race of technological advancements, we live to witness something new everyday. But our center of the attention remains to be the very dear smartphone. Divided customers and leading names fight to bring something new to the table; as long as the smartphone is better than the previous one. Over the past few […]

  • 5 Must Have Accessories for Your Laptop

    Whether you use a laptop for leisure or have acquired one for professional work, your laptop will underachieve until you equip it with these 5 below mentioned accessories. They will not only increase your productivity, but will also contribute in maintaining the health and well-being of your machine. Be it designing, gaming, programming or merely […]

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  • Apple’s New iOS 7 Icons

    Today, Apple announced the latest version of the iOS that is the iOS 7, at the WWDC. This time the user interface is minimalist, elegant and simpler in comparison to iOS 6. In fact, the icons and the ┬áinterface have been completely revamped. Taking a deeper look at these icons, you can see a different […]