in – A Review

[ads1]Designers are always looking for resources to maximize their revenue. Whether it is a useful freelancing website, a blog or a marketplace, they never fail to entertain a designer’s desire to earn and learn, too. In this article I am going to review one of the top websites/marketplaces where graphic designers can sell their artwork and make money.

[divider]What is GraphicRiver and who owns it?

GraphicRiver, is a part of the “Envato” Marketplace Network. This is the place where designers from across the globe compete to sell their designs. Ranging from Photoshop brushes to stock vectors, you will find all of it on this website at very reasonable prices.

[divider]How to Upload content on GraphicRiver?

First, you need to create an Envato account(this works for all marketplace) by simply signing up. Then, there is a MCQ based test one needs to pass in order to publish their content. This is related to the Rules and Conditions of the Marketplace and is pretty easy(yes! you can guess all of the answers).

You can then upload content to your portfolio. This item can be a kick ass logo,  a psd party flyer, a tee shirt design, a mock up template etc. Either through FTP or their uploader, you can put up your files to the marketplace. More details about uploading are present here.

Uploading to GraphicRiver

You then have to wait for a reviewer to review you design and if he/she approves your idea, the item gets published and you are notified via email. Normally this takes up to 7 days though there is no guarantee. Also, the price of your item is set according to the marketplace rates.

[divider]How to withdraw money?

As soon as someone buys your item, the respective amount is added to your account balance. Envato provides three methods of  withdrawal.

  1. Paypal – minimum payout at $ 50
  2. Wire Transfer – minimum payout at $500
  3. Payoneer Card
  4. Skrill(MoneyBookers) – minimum payout at $ 50



[divider]Affiliate Program

A very important feature of this marketplace is the affiliate program. You can even earn commissions on sales/traffic you provide which is perfect for website owners. You can manage the affiliate banners/links through the author dashboard.

However, affiliate program can sometimes be annoying for the seller as the referrer also is a shareholder in the sale made. Looking at the picture below, you may get an idea of what I mean. I sold two logos, for one i got $20.30 (this was without any referrer) and for the other one, I was paid $ 15.50. Though it is hard to share your earnings with anyone, it still isn’t a bad deal if the sales graph keeps increasing.

Sales Report


Similarly, other Envato marketplaces work the same way too, including:

I hope everything is clear. Best of Luck!

Written by Ali Zohaib

Currently studying Computer Science at LUMS. I am an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast.

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  1. I think the website is fraud. Because i upload around 50 Design and some of them are best designs. Even the same design are sold on other website. They never accept the design. Even I think onces your design is rejected, then after few months they or there agent with different name upload same kind of design. So i think they are fraud and pls dont upload your design to Envato market. But you can try to sell your design on Creative Market.

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