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How to Design a Creative Business Card


As our world becomes more of a ‘global village’ and barriers to businesses, both national and international die down, businesses are springing up like mushrooms. What this basically results in is a further tightening in the competition between businesses. You only get one chance to leave a good impression on your potential clients. The Business card speaks volumes for a brand and is an effective and good tool to create and maintain client relationships. If your business card is dull and plain, then it only represents that much about your company’s image.

Creative business card designs don’t really come with certain fixed rules. It depends purely on the look and impression you want to create for your business. The different elements you can incorporate you’re your business card to give it that oomph are custom color and cute, matte finishing, spot UV and more. The crucial part, however, is to come up with an eye catching design whether it be typographical, graphical or just a plain simple idea. Business Cards typically end up at the bottom of a bag or somewhere in the dustbin. However, creative and different looking business cards are less likely to suffer similar fate and people tend to gravitate towards them.

Also, creating a business card design isn’t always really expensive. There are countless tutorials on the net for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop that help you create your own double sided business card design. These designs can be saved as a print-ready file and can then be send to your favoured print firm.


[divider]Wood, Plastic and Metal[divider]

You might be thinking if you have read this idea correctly. Although unorthodox, use of these materials for your business card can draw significant attention of anyone looking at it for the first time. The texture itself also feel unique and can leave behind a good impression of the company. Here’s an idea. Why not design your business card like a razor, not a sharp one though.

[divider]Standard size, just creative designs[divider]

It is not surprising that visually captivating designs and fun slogans imprint deeper on a persons’s mind then plain or dull ones.  A creative tagline with food for thought for people will make others remember it better. Remember the infamous Mark Zuckerberg  business card with a “I am CEO, bitch” tagline? Ell such slogans tend to stay with people and leave a more lively impression of your brand. A cool card can do wonders for creating a client’s first impression and hence tailoring them with slogans such as ‘I see an epic brand right here’, and ‘Trust me, you need us’, can really grab attention of others.  Even if your design is simple, but your tagline is impressive, others are bound to pay attention.


A minimalist approach towards designing your business cards diverts and focuses a person’s attention on what matters most; the firm or organization’s name and logo.  Although it may appear to be quite simplistic, the card can still be done creatively by carefully arranging the logo and wordings.


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