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How to evaluate the skills of a potential Web Developer?


If you always go through this phase of how to test or evaluate the potential web developer while hiring one, we have got some guidelines for you on how to make this process easy for you. The one responsible for the success of web project is usually the CTO, project Manager or team leader but mainly the responsibility lies on the web developer, so choosing which web developer to hire is the most important task for any CTO, project manager or team leader. It is immensely important that they evaluate the skills of a potential web developer if they want their project to do wonders! You can find out for yourself if the web developer is as proficient in his work as he claims to be by using a web service known as ‘Tests for Geeks’.

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You can use this online testing service to help you hire the most competent programmers or developers for your project. Through ‘Tests for Geeks’ you can test the candidates’ skill and knowledge on a particular subject related to your web development. This way you will have quality time interviewing the potential candidates and the ones who lack the skills required for your web development will be immediately rejected. This is basically a filtering process. It will considerably save your time by ruling out the developers with less skill.

Test for Geeks can serve as your first line of defense against sub standard developers. If you find this process of hiring a professional website developer to be a exhausting one because you have less idea about it and you want to hire a freelance developer from overseas but are worried that they might not be suitable for your company then Test for Geeks can fit all your needs.

If you have apprehensions about the test having quality questions, you can sign up for a free account and take a test yourself. Try out this test and experience it on your own what type of questions is there in the test:

If you are satisfied with the Test for Geeks questions, you can then test the potential web developers to be hired for your company.

Transmitting the test to your intended candidate is easy. You select your preferred test (E.g. HTML & CSS & JavaScript), create a specific link and send it to your intended candidate. After the candidate is through the test, you will be notified by an email with a report card of the candidate’s test result.

Employers can also publish the test link on their website without any extra steps. The candidate will enter the test by filling out their name and contact details when taking the test. You will still get notified of the result of each candidate via email.

The pr service works in a few ways. Flexible pricing plans as well as very good discounts (up to 58%).  The basic price starts from $29.95 for 3 tests, which is the smallest package. You’ll get more discounts if you purchase a subscription plan of 3 months to 1 year which allows you to take unlimited tests for yourself or your candidates.

Then, Tests for geeks also has the ability to use own branding.  Use your own domain name as well as logotype. The website developer will see it as your own skill testing service.

It can also create a constant test link. For instance, if the company has a lot of capable programmers and they are not willing to create the link individually for each and every candidate, then they’ll have to create a constant link and publish it in vacancy or on the company website. This way, the Candidates will be able to specify their name and email.

Here is a sample for the test report for checking the capability of potential web developer:

Test for geeks

Check the developer’s potential by the following steps:

Test them if they can validate a code or not

If they are able to write the right HTML and CSS code than they are capable enough to be hired.

You can validate the HTML with the W3C Validator. You can Consider hiring them after debriefing them a bit or pointing out their mistakes if there are only 2 to 3 errors but if there are more than that then you definitely cannot hire them.

Check if they know the technical details

This can be done with the help of Seitwert, a site where you can look up for the technical details and analyze your website through many different ways. However, this website is only available in German language.

 Website should correctly display in the major browsers

You don’t have to check the website in a browser that is not used often but there is a certain number of browsers are to be supported by a website. Check out the browsers which are currently being used by reading the W3C Schools Browser Statistics

Once you have decided which browsers you want to check go to Browsershots for testing it.

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There are some other things as well that need to be taken care of,  like the website should use a proper, user-friendly CMS and the CMS should open so if the company doesn’t exist anymore you can find someone else to do further development. You can check if the Website use readable, search engine optimized URLs, for Bad use, and for good, use You should see if you can reuse the content if you wish to upgrade the website sometime in future and also if it will be easy to expand the website in future or not. The Website should be accessible for handicapped people and it should fulfill the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The chemistry between client and the developers is also extremely important. You both should have cordial terms with each other.

In addition to all these, there are still some things to be checked and taken care of but the three steps mentioned above are the basics of a good website and they fully indicate if the developers knew what they were doing.


The developer is doing a spot-on job if the website performs well in the above mentioned 3 main areas.

There are lots of advantages for valid pages. Like, your Company’s website will be forward-compatible, so will have fewer issues adjusting your company’s website to latest technologies and multiple platforms. It will save your finance. Then, search Engines spiders such as Google and others will be able to understand the content of your Company’s site without errors, thus ranking your site better. It will get you increased traffic. Also, valid code is the first step for accessible pages, for web crawlers and for people with disabilities.



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